We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • [The case number used by the Development Team - link is for Cyrious use only]
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)


- Reports - Add option to not show child header on Standard Estimate, Invoice, and Work Orders - #365709

- Reports - Add option to exclude Voided payments from the Payments report - #411963

- Reports - Add Group By Subsidiaries option to the WIP By Customer report - #412507

- Artwork - Change the text displayed to customers when artwork groups are being worked on

- Imports - Create option to disable Import Map during line item import

- Explorers - Modify Show Station on Sale option to also hide right-click option to change Sale Station in Order Explorer - #425761

- Products - When using the Add To Finished Goods product, track the Qty Replenished amount in Inventory while the Order is still in WIP - #420119

- Misc - Add additional info to the Health Check screen to make it easier to understand its purpose

- Misc - Update text for divisions that would like a unique logo and address to display on transactions - #427844

- Misc - Make Totals Tab visible on Recurring Orders - #428337

- Security - Add new security right to prevent users from adjusting the tax class on transactions - #429969

- Misc - Change title of Ecomm Shipping to Ecommerce Shipping in System Setup

- Explorers - Allow Closed Orders to use Sale Stations via macros - #430075

- Payments - Change the wording on invalid token error when processing credit cards - #430176

- Purchase Orders - Double the size of the list that is shown when searching for Part names on Purchase Orders

- Reports - All Parts Listing report doesn't work correctly when it's not the main Division

- Companies - When deleting a company the flags, notes, and contact activities do not merge over with it - #366656

- Explorers - Line Item Criteria > Assigned To is not showing employees not assigned to a line item - #354949

- Employees - Vacation Time History Detail does not have the correct Date Order

- Reports - The Commission Report Based on Orders Placed by Price does not display the correct information - #395240

- Reports - Cash Flow Statement for all divisions is running individual statements for each division with incorrect balances - #395322

- Reports - Running a SQL Report with blank dates causes a Report Failed error - #408107

- Reports - Order_OrderAnalysisMaster01 report is not adding the Income column correctly - #405509

- Reports - Bank Reconciliation report gives an error when run using multiple individual bank accounts - #410003

- Misc - Report menu keeps collapsing when you expand report groups in the Reports on Main Menu section specifically

- PrCA - Order information is not being updated properly when searching for a new Order in the Production App - #412585

- Reports - Database Vendor Code 3621 error when running W2 or W3 reports if you have multiple people using 401k deduction - #412802

- Reports - Out of Memory and other errors when saving GL Changes Detail report - #414667

- PrCA - Inventory levels in Control are not refreshing when Part usage is added via the Production App - #414828

- Dashboards - Refresh Record index out of range error when opening a dashboard with a Document Manager instrument - #415504

- Reports - WIP report (and WIP by Machine file), when grouping by Product, does not work for Derived Products - #417225

- Artwork - Emails continue to be sent out to customers that have “Email Failed” repeatedly in the Subject line - #411828

- Dashboards - Report instrument error with the Order Invoice - #421821

- Reports - Speed issue related to Commission Report by Margin (data specific) - #422010

- Payments - Online payments Qty needs to pull from the Variable selected in the Advanced Pricing Options of each Product - #423761

- Misc - Usage Cards created from Time Cards not tied to a Part create 2 entries on the order, and usage cards that aren't tied to a Part - #424289

- Misc - Record index out of range error when opening certain dashboards - #421857

- Reports - Simple Invoice ship to address is incorrect for 3rd party information - #424234

- Misc - Posting Parts Usage Cards and using Display Units is multiplying the cost incorrectly - #426548

- Products - Sales account for each product is not being updated properly when the product is changed on an Order - #426469

- Bills - Balance due and Bill status is not refreshing after payment when entering Quick Bills - #426476

- Security - Able to change Stations from the Totals tab even if security rights are set to denied - #426505

- Misc - Control is no longer able to load when not running in Quicklaunch mode

- Misc - When attempting to log into the SSLIP, error “List index out of bounds” displays - #428065

- Orders - Line items out of order when having a quantity of over 10 (data specific) - #427971

- Access Violation - Access violation when trying to add part usage and getting an error when trying to add part usage from time cards - #428250

- Reports - Inventory Status report can now select multiple statuses

- Reports - Bill of Materials (system report) is not able to print in duplexes (printer specific) - #428199

- Misc - You are able to create a manual time card with no Station even though Stations are required for all time card entries

- Misc - Other Labor added to an Order manually from the Time Clock Adjustment screen isn't showing up correctly and has its part usage card tied to the wrong Part

- CESA import fails for certain orders

- Misc - Error when creating usage cards from time clock entries (data specific) - #422327

- Misc - Additional part usage cards are being created when you have changed your Part selection while manually posting usage cards from the dashboard - #428585

- Dashboards - Line Item Explorer Station selection list changes to a selection from another dashboard - #428448

- Explorers - Line Item Explorer Station modal not updating Station combo-box when selected - #428447

- Dashboards - Shipment queries not showing in the Marketing Search Results dashboard instrument - #428522

- Purchase Orders - Certain values are reset on Purchase Order line items if you change the Company being used - #428125

- Misc - Adjust options in Production Setup so that you can hide the warning message about Due Dates without having to show the Proof Date - #428752

- Access Violation - AV when clicking on the Items tab of an Order (database specific) - #428179

- Shipping - Using the right-click line item option to ship a value still will show those values even if you cancel out - #428542

- Timeclock - You are able to create overlapping timecards when you change a Station while the timecard is being edited - #430003

- Bills - Editing a Void Bill Payments Journal entry is causing the void to happen again, which causes incorrect values to appear on the Bill - #428928

- Misc - PR (Puerto Rico) is not one of the States included in the Tax Exempt list - #430048

- Reports - Purchase Order is showing totals for line items that are not visible - #430162

- Payments - Our wiki link at the bottom of Unable to Post Online Payment email leads to a wrong web location

- Explorers - Tab order is not correct in the Order Explorer - #430620

- Security - Accounting users cannot open Payment Transferred to Credit Journal entries - #431102

- Reports - Estimate report is showing price column when there is no discount or discount is hidden

- Inventory - Converting a Purchase Order into multiple Receiving Documents is affecting Inventory incorrectly - #431015

- Purchase Orders - Error when editing Purchase Orders - Data specific - #430908

- Estimates - Record index out of range when trying to uncheck the OV button in the Parts tab of an Estimate - #430910

- Misc - Getting an evaluation error on the formula being used ever since speed changes were merged

3.10.50 (10/02/19)

1.3.54 (11/07/18)

1.7.22 (11/08/2018) (02/05/2018)


These changes are backward compatible with the previous version of Control.

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