We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • [The case number used by the Development Team - link is for Cyrious use only]
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)


- Reports - Add option to not show child header on Standard Estimate, Invoice, and Work Orders - #365709

- Bills - Add a 1099 option to Bills that will use the Vendors 1099 status as its default - #414594

- Artwork - Remove link to view artwork from emails when comments are made by employees

- Artwork - Change the text displayed to customers when there is a connection issue while trying to view Artwork

- Payments - Change the way that online payment emails look when being sent out to clients - #424562

- Security - Add a security right to link payment to contact - #432843

- Macros - Add Change Station Macro to the list of available Actions for Line Item Macros - #433095

- Macros - Change checkbox for Allow this macro to appear in the menu option to allow not showing when running on schedule using current Order - #434386

- Explorers - Add new right click Order Options for Edit PO Number and Adjust Salesperson

- Explorers - Add new right-click option to the Shipments Explorer to Edit Shipping Address

- Orders - Add new columns into the Transheader and Transdetail tables to store Progress Billing amounts

- Explorers - Add a new column for Order and Line Explorers called Progress Billed Amount

- Explorers - Add a new column for Order and Line Item Explorers called Total Net Progress Billed

- User Defined Fields - Add ability to use UDFs with Employees - #435153

- Reports - Add a refresh button to the report previewer

- Reports - Add a Load More Records option for the Prior Daily Close Out modal - #437061

- Accounting - GL Department is being dropped from Journal Entries - #391191

- Purchase Orders - Unable to delete line item that once was linked to a PO - #407505

- Misc - Report menu keeps collapsing when you expand report groups in the Reports on Main Menu section specifically

- PrCA - Users are not clocked back into a Part when they use the Resume Last Job function - #412891

- Shipping - Company does not exist message when changing between shipments on an Order - #430755

- Access Violation - AV when adjusting part usage in the Parts tab of an Order using Order Summary View - #432178

- Companies - Error message when editing and saving a specific company - data specific - #432236

- Dashboards - The AR dashboard instrument is not showing any progressively billed Orders - #432267

- Bills - If Default to Vendor's Division is not checked, you get an error when trying to covert a Purchase Order to a Bill - #432710

- Misc - Edits within Parts tab of Orders with child items displays “RecordIndex out of range” error - #432741

- Reports - Associated Order Invoice is not printing descriptions and there is not an option to do so - #432837

- Orders - Create History function gives sql error referencing derived product column - #433137

- Parts - Cloning Parts under Flat Stock Material is not working correctly (data specific) - #432779

- Access Violation - AV when adding a child line to an assembly container

- Orders - Company name does not stay in Orders or Estimates when clicking out of that field (data specific) - #433194

- Imports - After a previous import using an incorrect mapping, no longer able to import shipping address to the company record to update existing information - #433098

- Misc - Division by zero error when hitting Edit on certain Estimates that use VariableTotal - #433270

- Reports - Location not printing on ActivityReport01 - #433249

- Orders - Issues with Variable Total Function since speed changes were merged - #433226

- Purchase Orders - No longer able to enter negative line items on Purchase Orders - #434439

- Misc - Time Card Adjustment screen incorrectly giving an error stating one or more detail time card is outside the range of the master time card - #434516

- Purchase Orders - Unable to manually change the Total Cost column on Purchase Order line items - #434636

- Misc - Getting various pricing issues when using the Recalculate All button on products that use shared pricing

- Dashboards - Purchase Order explorer instrument doesn't work as a sub explorer of a line item explorer - #434905

- Macros - Macro actions are being performed before the macro trigger has actually completed - #435037

- Email - Signature formatting displays unnecessary spacing when sending emails - #435142

- Explorers - Tab order is incorrect in multiple Explorers - #435190

- Misc - v3 PricingMethod UDF is not being found - #435286

- Misc - V3 Travel product losing variables - #435294

- Orders - Able to demote a Promotion line item even though it's an Order level discount - #435362

- Reports - Statements are cutting off the due date when the month and the day are both 2 digits - #436741

- Misc - GL Department being dropped on Order Journal records when line items from a PO or Bill are linked to an Order - #435030

- Reports - Est vs Actual Report when Parts are voided was not calculating correctly - #438541

3.10.51 (11/13/19)

1.3.54 (11/07/18)

1.7.23 (11/13/2019) (02/05/2018)


These changes are backward compatible with the previous version of Control.

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