We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • (The case number used by the Development Team - link is for Cyrious use only)
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)


  • (CCON-5252) - Purchase Orders - Create a new Quick Parts list in Pricing Setup that can be accessed by Purchase Orders and Bills - #446968
  • (CCON-5354) - Misc - Change http response code from Chapi for a successfully posted new record from 201 Created to 200 Success
  • (CCON-4461) - Misc - Set all Companies to use the Online Tax Class button not working - #385373
  • (CCON-4966) - Artwork - Emails continue to be sent out to customers that have “Email Failed” repeatedly in the Subject line - #411828
  • (CCON-5047) - Misc - TLS being used by email for Control needs to be updated to use 1.2 instead of 1.0
  • (CCON-5083) - Timeclock - You are able to create overlapping timecards when you change a Station while the timecard is being edited - #430003
  • (CCON-5336) - Misc- Using a parent companies customer credit to pay the subsidiaries order causing credit to be out of balance - #450451
  • (CCON-5339) - Misc - Default Station is not working properly for Parts when added to an Order - #454085
  • (CCON-5348) - Misc - View Taxability Code option for line items on Orders always goes to the Goods code instead of the one assigned to the product
  • (CCON-5356) - Purchase Orders - Line Items from Orders are being brought into Purchase Orders with incorrect alphanumeric sorting - #455807
  • (CCON-5357) - Products - Child products added from within a parent product on OOBv3 are not adding in labor parts correctly - #455496
  • (CCON-5358) - PrCA - Currently Clocked On Station is incorrectly changing when you Change Station on a Job but are not actually clocked into that Job
  • (CCON-5359) - Misc - Error posting contact import to CESA: Unable to connect to CESA Service.
  • (CCON-5360) - Artwork - Initial Approval emails are not going out when Artwork is marked Pending Approval
  • (CCON-5361) - Misc - Word wrap not functioning in the Report Criteria window - #455845
  • (CCON-5362) - Purchase Orders - Wildcard search for Catalog Items is not working the same way as it is for Parts - #455937
  • (CCON-5363) - Purchase Orders - Order and Line Item fields are grayed out when choosing Expense or Other Items as the Item Type - #456191
  • (CCON-5366) - Misc - Cost values are incorrect when usage cards are posted using a different display unit type than is used for the inventory unit - #456096
  • (CCON-5367) - PrCA - Users are getting An error has occurred message when trying to change Stations from the Production Cloud App
  • (CCON-5368) - Orders - Certain Orders are very slow to go into edit mode on any release after version 6.1.2005.2001 - #456173

3.10.64 (10/26/20)

1.3.54 (11/07/18)

1.7.23 (11/13/2019) (02/05/2018)

These changes are backward compatible with the previous version of Control.

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