We use a standard format for all the suggestions and fixes listed below to help ease any difficulties you may have when looking for a specific issue.

The format is as follows:

  • (The case number used by the Development Team - link is for Cyrious use only)
  • Description of the feature added or issue resolved
  • # The Service Ticket number we have in our Internal records (not always applicable)


  • (CCON-5252) - Purchase Orders - Create a new Quick Parts list in Pricing Setup that can be accessed by Purchase Orders and Bills - #446968
  • (CCON-3898) - Misc - In Reporting Setup, collapse the left panel (All reports) by default if there is only one report option group
  • (CCON-4559) - Artwork - Change Artwork Approval emails and site to reflect current Divisions info - #393304
  • (CCON-5323) - Purchase Orders - Add ability to associate Purchase Orders to an Order using the Default for Order field - #453644 (Rework)
  • (CCON-5364) - Misc - Add Status filtering options for Stations being used by Line Items - #456201
  • (CCON-5365) - Explorers - Move the Date Range section out from the Historical items section and apply to all of the results in the various Explorers - #456203
  • (CCON-5379) - PrCA - Create a Login Journal activity entry in Control when an Employee logs into the Production Cloud App
  • (CCON-5381) - Explorers - Add Due Date as a default sorting option to the Estimates Explorer - #457813
  • (CCON-5383) - Contacts - Add Contact Created Date as an option for advanced queries with Account Contact Criteria as well as a new column for the Contact Explorer- #457968
  • (CCON-5386) - Misc - Add Contact Activity Macros as an option in Macro Setup - #459078
  • (CCON-5390) - Misc - Allow users to reopen Closed Orders older than 90 days and place them back into Sale - #459194
  • (CCON-5397) - Employees - Add in a search bar at the top of the employee list in Employee Setup to make it easier to find records
  • (CCON-4843) - Bills - Discount GL entries on Bills are being applied incorrectly to the Bills created Date instead of the payment date - #410215 (Rework) - #459497
  • (CCON-5061) - PrCA - Please Login error when a user attempts to clock onto specific Parts in the Production App - #426687
  • (CCON-5097) - Misc - Change the Reset All Orders button in Production Setup > Job Grouping to affect all transaction types - #430698
  • (CCON-5317) - Reports - Percentages on standard Income Statement are not calculating correctly - #452065
  • (CCON-5330) - Ecommerce - Orders imported from e-commerce are not able to be Closed properly - #452116
  • (CCON-5369) - Misc - Cannot drop type 'IDRecordType' because it is being referenced by object 'CHAPI.RecomputeRecords'
  • (CCON-5370) - PrCA - Unable to drag a job card to a new station when the board is filtered down to only one job - #457558
  • (CCON-5371) - Orders - Adding Flag Kits Display Products to an Order is causing Control to hang (data specific) - #457550
  • (CCON-5372) - Reports - Accounting_AllAccountStatement01: Orderer fields run into the Description field of Statements -#457396
  • (CCON-5373) - Misc - Updating the work assignment date on the scheduled line item of an order does not update the activity in Activity Manager - #457429
  • (CCON-5374) - PrCA - Clocking into labor parts is associating the time card with a totally different Order - #457565
  • (CCON-5375) - Misc - Scrolling with mouse wheel in shipping tab is buggy - #457620
  • (CCON-5376) - Reports - Shipments on Work Order not displaying in proper order - #457622
  • (CCON-5378) - Purchase Orders - Prevent Estimated Costs and Usage from changing due to Purchase Orders option is causing parts to drop off from Orders that are associated with Purchase Orders
  • (CCON-5380) - Orders - Progress Billed amounts are being copied over to other Cloned Orders or Converted Estimates TransDetail records for the line items
  • (CCON-5382) - Dashboards - Due Date sorting gets reset when you close and open a Dashboard with an Estimate Explorer instrument - #457813
  • (CCON-5384) - Inventory - Transfer Inventory screen has an issue with typing out Part names where the list resets every time a new letter is typed - #457970
  • (CCON-5385) - Orders - Default Part Station is incorrectly showing for the Line Items Station if the Product has no default Starting Station - #458041
  • (CCON-5388) - Orders - Estimates and certain Orders are not automatically calculating taxes when the setting is checked in Online Tax Options in Accounting Setup - #459121
  • (CCON-5389) - Dashboards - Accounts Receivable Dashboard explorer instrument is not showing Orders correctly - #459142
  • (CCON-5391) - Shipping - New Ship From Address for Store is incorrectly being associated with the Company record instead on save - #459237
  • (CCON-5392) - Shipping - Address is automatically cleared out when choosing a 3rd Party Ship From address that is a Company Address
  • (CCON-5393) - Explorers - Sorting by Company name on an Order Explorer showing Companies with Subsidiaries causes explorer to go blank - #459325
  • (CCON-5394) - Purchase Orders - Unit Cost is not automatically updating to new Vendor-specific cost when you Edit an existing PO and change the Vendor
  • (CCON-5395) - Purchase Orders - Notes line items should not be eligible for the Expense Account and GL Department requirements on Purchase Orders - #459345
  • (CCON-5396) - Chapi - Single quote marks are causing Chapi POST statements to fail
  • (CCON-5398) - Activity Manager - Activity Manager Date range is not working for certain activity types - #459577
  • (CCON-5399) - Misc - You are able to save a Part with no description of the Edit even though the setting is checked to require a reason - #459627
  • (CCON-5252) - Purchase Orders - Speed issue with opening and working on POs, Bills, and Receiving Documents
  • (CCON-5410) - Access Violation - AV when working with Orders that have a Work assignment attached to them

3.10.68 (12/22/20)

1.3.54 (11/07/18)

1.7.23 (11/13/2019) (02/05/2018)

These changes are backward compatible with the previous version of Control.

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