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 +An update was released to all systems. Following are release notes related to new features, changes made to existing features and functionality,​ and fixes for previously reported issues. If you have questions, please contact our support department for assistance by emailing [[http://​control.cyriouswiki.com/​mailto:​supportcyrious.com|ecommerce@cyrious.com]].
 +**New Features**
 +   * Improvements in order history filtering, including the option to search by order number.
 +  * Storefronts can now have a custom favicon.
 +  * Improved inventory tracking options and storefront stock notifications on products and add-ons.
 +  * Substantial backend improvements.
 +**Additional Resolutions**
 +  * The text on the Shipping Info tab on the product detail page is positioned correctly.
 +  * Terms and conditions must be accepted regardless of payment type prior to completing checkout.
 +  * Inactive products are not retained in wishlists.
 +  * Product category association selection and saving.
 +  * Taxes are correctly rounded when shipping is taxable.