How To Change Font Size, Make Characters Bold, Etc. On Pricing Form

Describes how to modify the font characteristics of Pricng Form Variables and Text Items

We want certain items on the Pricing Form to appear as Bold or larger or in a different color.

Not much chance to get in trouble with this. You will see the result of your change immediately on the Pricing Form; so if you have done something you don't like, you can undo it immediately.

  1. Go to thePricing Form for the Product where the variables or text items you want to change are located.
  2. Click on the Text Item or Variable.
  3. In the left hand column you will see a list of Object Properties. These contain all the settings which control the appearance of the Variable or item. Locate the Property which says Font. Click on that and you will be rewarded with a screen showing the field and a little button with 3 dots on it. Click on that and you be presented with a familiar box showing all the font options for that variable. You can change size, color, Style (Bold, Italic, etc). Make your selections, Click OK and you are finished.
  4. Save the Pricing Form and view it on your Pricing Screen. You will see your changes immediately.

Contributor: Steve Gillispie
Date: 7/19/2009
Version: Control 4.3_

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