Occasionally for reasons we cannot determine, text objects on a pricing form will vanish from the form but continue to show in Entry screens. Objects for which a fomula is set seem most susceptible to this problem. This can be a real issue as they will overprint other objects and destroy the aesthetics of the screen. The problem seems to be that the Caption property becomes lost. This page describes how to fix the problem.

The concept is to remove the offending text object from the pricing form. To do that it must be located in the pricing form code. Cyrious provides a way for a user to do that.

Depending on how much time and effort you have invested in your pricing form, this can be very dangerous because you can lose the entire form if you mess up and don't recover properly. Be sure to create a backup of your pricing form as described below before modifying its code.

  1. Go to the Pricing Form in Edit mode. At the bottom of the Properties column, click on the Advanced Tab. This will create 3 tab selections at the top. Click on the Text view tab.
  2. Click on the disc icon which appears just below Text View and Save the contents to someplace retrievable. If you mess up, you can reload this file and it will restore your pricing form.
  3. Note that you can scroll through the contents of the file and you will see clusters of code. Each object begins its code with something like Object DesigerLabel3. Each object ends its code with “end”.
  4. Find the object code which is no longer appearing on your pricing form. Very carefully define the lines between the beginning name of the object and the end code. Do not include any other lines in your selection.
  5. When the lines are defined, click the scissors icon at the top. The code will be erased.
  6. Click on the lightening icon and Cyrious recompiles the code. If done correctly, your problem is fixed.
  7. IF you have messed up, you should be able to recover your old pricing form by deleting everything in the Text View and then, using the folder under the Text View tab, open and retrieve the code you saved before starting this process. Note that you might have to click on the lightening icon after loading the saved code to completely restore the form.

Contributor: Steve Gillispie, ACorn Sign Graphics

Date: 08/092009

Version: Control 4.3_

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