We need to keep records of customer interactions which are accessible to the entire company. This includes on-site sales presentations and calls and inquiries made on past due accounts.

We want to keep all important customer records in the Cyrious database and eliminate the separate spread sheets and individual record-keeping sales and accounting were doing. We wanted something easy to use with the data easily retrievable. Almost everyone in Sales, Accounting and Production Management has their Cyrious program open all day. We found that Cyrious has provided exactly what we needed in the Activities portion of Customer and Order records. Any important interaction with customers can be easily entered into the G&L record and will be displayed in the Activities list of both the customer and the Order if order related.

We have not found any situation where the approach does not work.

  1. From Explorer: Select the Estimate, Order or Customer record and right-click. Select “Activities” to get the drop-down menu of options. Select “Create Note”. Enter the information you wish to record. Notice that the Estimate or Order number is already there. Write anything you need to record. Note also that you can cut and past from other databases. One salesman pastes the names of the customers who were in attendance at his meetings from another database he keeps at the time of the meeting
  2. From the Customer Record, Estimate or Order: Click on the Activities button, select Create Note and enter the information you want to keep. Note that you have the option to select and Order or Estimate number if you want the note included in the Estimate or Order activities list.

Contributor: Steve Gillispie, Acorn Sign Graphics

Date: 12_10/2009

Version: Control 4._

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