We have made some major improvements in the area of Speed with this release. Below outlines some of those changes without going into too much technical detail.

Changes under the hood:

  • SQL Data Retrieval
  • SQL Data Writing
  • Dirty State Tracking
  • Caching

Approximate speed improvements in different areas of the program are defined below:

Starting Control - 85%

Loading 50 orders in Explorer - 75% faster

Opening an existing order - 65% faster

Editing and saving an order with 100 line items - 80% faster

Caution: what's only a bit faster:

  • Creating a large order - sorry, only 20% faster.
  • Converting an estimate - sorry, only 20% faster.

Most other areas of the program - 40-90% faster!

A modification was made to simplify the Explorer Toolbar and reposition some of the actions.

A summary line was added to Control (optionally) that will provide aggregate totals for the numeric columns.

Read more here - http://control.cyriouswiki.com/Explorer+Totals+Bar+and+Enhancements

  1. Add User option to automatically show child line items in expanded state when opening Orders (9744)
    • To get to this - Right click in the Items tab and choose Options > “Show child line items by default”

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