Whats New In Control 5.7

With the release of Control 5.7 there were two new major features added to the program, as well as a number of various bugs fixed and other non-major features added.

Below are links for each of the new major features:

Would you like to access your Control calendars on your phone, iPad, or other Internet-connected device?
Is the access to Control calendars remotely keeping you from utilizing the power of integrated contact management?
Ideal for Sales Teams to keep up with appointments while out of the office.
Remotely view and add activities (calls, meetings, To- Do’s, etc) to both personal and shared calendars.
Create calendars for install and service crews to remotely access details like contact information and location.
calendar_cloudapp is the first of many CloudApps to be released by Cyrious that make your data accessible from the Cloud using the cyrious_cloud_connector, which was also release with Control 5.7.
Use of the calendar_cloudapp is free for customers on a current support contract. ||| >
|| derived_product_overview

Have you ever found yourself creating multiple products just to change the default values?
Wish you could save the settings from a line item for future use?
Derived Products adds the ability to create a new product with overrides for specific values, while keeping most of the configuration from a base product.
Variable and Modifier values are overridable, as well as properties like the Pricing Form or Income Account
Derived Products requires a new version of CHAPI. It is NOT backwards compatible with 5.6.
Smart Parts
Do you have products that use tens, hundreds, or thousands of potential parts?
Would it be convenient to quickly search through your parts using keywords and phrases to add them to orders?
Smart Parts adds three new Variable types and four new Pricing Form Components to view existing Parts and allow Parts to be easily added during order entry.
Combined with Batch Names, the Smart Parts system makes customization of an order faster than ever.


  1. #303880 - Add new option to lock general ledger form changes Before the last daily close out (11314)

Activity Manager

  1. #285757 - Add Sub Type column to Activity Manager List view (10321)

Purchase Orders, Receiving Documents, Bills

  1. Purchase Order Instrument - Add sub-explorer of Order/Estimate/Service Ticket (11313)


  1. Add a “Reset settings to System default” button to the Options tab in Reporting Setup (11286)


  1. Explore Bill Items is now tied to the Explore Bills Security right (11379)


  1. Numerous visual changes to improve the overall UI


  1. #301159 - Add master payment JournalID to the LinkID field of additional credit payments (11284)


  1. #303531 - Negative Make Deposit entry missing when voiding a Payment that was deposited (11294)

Company & Contacts

  1. #297028 - Company Billing address is not being saved properly (10804)


  1. Quick Lookup Instrument does not enforce security rights (11229)

Orders, Estimates, & Service Tickets

  1. #303593 - Multiple users are allowed to open the same activity (303593)
  2. #301886 - Removed items not being removed from TransPart table (11296)

Part Usage

  1. #304146 - Part usage cost is not carrying over cost when labor is added to the order via the time clock (11376)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. #303609 - Pricing Form Container not ignoring invisible panels (11353)
  2. Child item variable properties aren't always being calculated when parent item is being calculated (11352)
  3. #303774 - The properties on CC_SaveTrigger for sons variable are not saving (11359)


  1. #304649 - Long Tag Lines getting cut off on Standard Invoice


  1. Caching - Some UDFs not saving when updating to a new version (11264)

Current CHAPI Release

10/30/2015 - Not compatible with Control before version 5.7

Current Production Terminal Release


Backwards Compatibility

Derived Product Support Breaking Changes

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