Significant changes have been made to the credit card processing module in Control 6.0. It is important to understand these changes before upgrading. For details about what has changed in Control 6.0, please review the Detailed Credit Card Change Announcement article

What's Different?

A summary of the changes with credit card processing in Control 6.0 are shown below.

Less Risk

1. No Local Storage of Credit Cards!

2. Lower PCI Security Requirements for some

Enhanced Features

3. Online Payments for Customers

4. Simpler Payment Interface

5. Level 2 and Level 3 Support

6. Authorize and Capture Support

7. No Forced Password Changes

Pricing Changes

8. New Monthly Pricing

Other Changes

9. Automatic Daily Settlement

10. Credit Card Viewing Removed11.

Learn more about this updated feature here: 6.0_credit_card_processing

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sql_bridge is now automatically included

Cyrious Control uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database engine/backend. It is often desirable to interface the Control data with another business application such as a web site, production scheduling program, or other.

Knowledgeable database programmers can read the data directly from the SQL databases without danger of interference with Control provided they ensure database, table, and row level locking is disabled in their requests.

Cyrious Control's SQLBridge (SQLBridge) is a collection of SQL Server stored procedures and functions and external modules that can be called to safely insert or update data into the Control database and notify the CHAPI service that data has been updated. The CHAPI service is a controller program that will then notify the SSLIP and all copies of Control about the changes.

Learn more about this feature here: sql_bridge


  1. Combine Make Deposit Entries Across Divisions During Reconcilliation (3049)
  2. #314038 - System accounts are no longer allowed to be used in creation of Misc receipts (2888)


  1. #326510 - Add Shipping Method as a column to the PO Explorer column chooser (2948)
  2. #343772 - Apply the Explorer Options Due Date colors to Line Item explorers as well (2949)
    • Note: If the line item has a priority with a color assigned to it, that color will override the Due Date color


  1. Scheduled Payments will now be completed if there is no longer a Balance Due (2967)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. Display Actual Price on the Part Search Screen (2709)


  1. #183791 - Need a way to easily distinguish On-Drive reports vs Standard Reports (3066)
    • Custom reports will say “Custom Report Preview: Report Name” on the tab when it's being previewed


  1. #328007 - Change the flags pop up so you are able to copy the text when any amount of flags are entered (2769)
  2. Add the Invoice Number to the Transaction Details popup screen (2750)
  3. sql_bridge is now automatically included. If you would like to learn more about sql_bridge, sql_bridge

Access Violations

  1. #339068 - A/V when changing spinner value and selecting a tab on right side of pricing form (2808)
  2. #334713 - A/V when using the Save these settings as default on report setup screen (2840)
  3. #330358 - A/V when changing filter on dashboard explorer (2854)
  4. A/V when tabbing out of the Default Vendor for Bills text entry area (2815)
  5. #336847 - A/V if cloning a product while viewing one of it's variables (2820)
  6. #345748 - A/V when going into the Adjust Part Inventory & Cost screen (2987)

Company & Contacts

  1. Alt + E on a Company record is pointed at the Company Notes section vs Edit on Action toolbar (2966)


  1. #333784 - Carriage returns in Order Description causing PDF attachments to not come over correctly when emailing the invoice (2822)


  1. Activities sub explorer is blank when used with Orders (2970)
  2. Date columns on the Activities Explorer is showing 12:00 AM for the time even though they shouldn't show times at all (3062)


  1. #343390 - Need to change the UnitPrice column of the PartFilter Variable to look at Estimated Price not Actual (1338)
  2. #345740 - Allow Override of Suggested (Estimated) Part Price in the Part Filter Grid (on the pricing form) and in the Parts Grid (3034)
  3. #346424 - Circular Loop Variable: HEIGHT_TOTAL () Variable: LAYOUT () error when using Vehichle Wraps (3035)

Orders, Estimates, & Service Tickets

  1. Closing any transaction type, and immediately cloning it makes all the line items disappear (13212)
  2. Order dropped the sales tax on child line item upon changing of status to Sale. (2708)
  3. #308727 - TCustTransDetail_CollBR Son index out of bounds(1) when clicking the Clear button for Due Date (2884)
  4. #346159 - Discount Percent does not reduce the price of a line item during entry if price is overridden (3024)
  5. #337630 - Out of balance entries being posted when order is Closed (2807)


  1. Out of Balance issue created when Order Total is changed before CCPS payment gets made (3010)
  2. #334070 - Unable to void payment made from customer credit (2844)
  3. Invoice numbers being used instead of Order numbers for CCPS payment links (3012)

Products, Parts, Pricing

  1. #339816 - Error messages on calculating inclusion of part formula (2804)
  2. #346579 - Pricing form not updating prices when product changed from within form (3041)
  3. Display Actual Price on the Part Search Screen (2709)

Purchase Orders, Receiving Documents, Bills

  1. #339820 - Stocking Unit label is wrong when updating Cost on a Purchase Order (2803)
  2. #320517 - Could not convert variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (Currency) on export of PO Line items grid (2917)
  3. #346412 - PO is not saving Order info the first time it's entered (3031)


  1. #343022 - AR Report can't be run for just single divisions (13495)
  2. Previewing report pop up stays on screen when report is canceled (2933)
  3. Financial Summary does not add CCPS payments to the Payments Received area of the report (3013)
  4. Rework of the Bank reconciliation report (16)


  1. #331111 - Partial Users are unable to print Packing Slip for Shipments from the Shipping Dashboard (2932)


  1. #345365 - Shipping Line Items are changing when Edits are made to the Orders Line Items (2978)


  1. Center the Package Weight and Shipment Date fields under the column headings.(2927)
  2. Backspacing off a digit from the year on the date selector causes Runtime Error (2926)


  1. #336390 - Alt + U is not working to move line items up on an order (2823)
  2. #321226 - The word alphanumerically is spelled wrong in the UDF setup screen (2921)
  3. #323298 - Control not able to backup databases that contains a hyphen in the databasename (2923)
  4. #345993 - Unable to delete Embroidery line items from order without SQL FK constraint conflict (3026)
  5. #346050 - Tabbing from the “Cost” field when using a One Time Purchase material causes program freeze (3028)

3.9.16 (01/10/17)

1.3.46 (10/05/16)

1.7.12 (12/21/2016)


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