With the release of Control 6.1 there were several new minor features added to the program that when used together makes a noticeable difference. We have added a mix of both visual and productivity based changes to the program to help take Control to the next level.

These features are described in further detail below.

Videos about the new items in 6.1:

Control 6.1 New Features

Production Cloud App

  • A new cloud app designed to help production employees work with the program from their mobile devices
  • Job grouping is a new feature that allows users the ability to work with several items at once instead of limiting it to a line item level
  • The next evolution in our software for production employees using Control
  • Production users need a way to quickly make changes to jobs without the need to log into a computer
  • Customers will now be able to sign remotely and have those signatures captured into the program
  • Documents and pictures are now able to be added to the program remotely
  • Anyone who wants to be able to clock into Control or a job they are working on from their mobile device
  • Anyone who needs to be able to pull up information about jobs while working remotely
  • We're guessing any production employee that has a mobile device readily available

Learn more here: production_cloudapp

  • A new item in your main menu that keeps track of most of the places you've been while using the program (All areas of Control are not yet mapped to use this new feature)
  • A place for you to store your most commonly accessed parts of the program into one easy to access list
  • Users want a way to keep track of where they have been recently
  • Users want the ability to store locations frequently visited into one list
  • Anyone who has ever accidentally closed a screen and needed to get back into it immediately
  • Anyone looking for a faster way to navigate to their favorite spots in Control
  • A way to make a certain order the master or parent order for a group of other orders
  • Located in the Totals tab of Orders, you can manually type your Assoc Order # or use the explorer function available
  • Used in Explorers and Payment entry to quickly located all items that are grouped
  • Users need a way to be able to group multiple orders together
  • Users need a way to find associated items quickly in explorers and when making bulk payments
  • Anyone who has ever had to track down all the related orders for a master payment
  • Anyone looking for a better way to do order grouping on a larger level
  • A new section in the upper left of transactions that contains embedded links to transactions that are associated with it
  • Users need a way to quickly see which Estimate an Order came from and be able to open it immediately
  • Users need a way to easily identify the Orders new Associated Order number (new feature listed above)
  • Anyone who flips back and forth between related Estimates and Orders
  • Anyone using the new Associated Orders feature

An example of linking the Web Browser instrument to a document on your network:

Note: You can also use a Windows file path or a relative path to Control in the URL field.

For example, if Control is running in “C:\Program Files\Cyrious\Control”, then this URL would work as well. “\Pages\MyPage.HTML”.

An example of a very basic html page being displayed in the instrument which will allow you to create line items with one click:

  • A new ability to be able to click a link in a Web Browser dashboard instrument that will perform various actions such as:
    • Create a new Order and automatically add a product with pre defined variables and information
    • Open a new tab in Control to places in the program like the Setup areas, etc.
  • This will speed up Order entry greatly for some users that have standard products which always have the same values
  • It will also help users jump to certain parts of the program without having to navigate through multiple menus
  • Anyone that creates or sells products that always have the same values and would like to not have to always enter the same information over and over
  • Anyone who likes jumping right to where they want to be in the program with as few clicks as possible
  • The tag is the main “Link” tag in HTML
  • Add HREF attribute with URL
  • Add Target attribute for new window
  • Air Conn Inc * Order 1275 - Bank One

Account Records

  • window/company/{companynumber}

TransHeader Records

  • window/transheader/{id}
  • window/order/{ordernumber}
  • window/estimate/{estimatenumber}
  • window/sticket/{stnumber}
  • window/po/{ponumber}
  • window/bill/{billnumber}
  • window/po/{ponumber}

Employee Links

  • window/employee/
  • window/employee/{id}
  • window/employeegroup/{id}


  • window/explorer/order
  • window/explorer/estimate
  • window/explorer/sticket
  • window/explorer/company
  • window/explorer/item


  • window/activitymanager
  • window/timeclock
  • window/payment

Generic Links

  • window/{ct}/{id}?view={frame}
  • window/{ct}/?view={frame}
  1. User.SecurityTemplate.Name
  2. Bulk Load function to set Variable values - SetVariables( Values: String )
    • Example: DECLARE NewValues := '{ “Quantity” : 11, “ArtworkFileName” : “MyFile.PNG” } ';
    • SetVariables( NewValues )
  3. ExecSQL() - Allows you to execute select, update, delete, and insert statements into SQL from within CFL
  4. CFL for Actual Price for Parts
  • New Icons and menu styles for a fresh feel
  • New Theme - Cyrious Blue (Will be released in a future version of Control)
  • Inactive Tabs are now shaded darker to help distinguish the active tab
  • Drag and drop function added to the main tabs
  • Automatic saving of column widths in the Order entry screen
  • Input box text is now selectable in a read-only mode, even when you're not in Edit mode

Detailed version with Case Number:

  • CCON-3032 - Misc - Automatically save the column widths in the Order entry screen - #346386
  • CCON-3088 - Misc - Add ability to drag and drop (move) tabs in Control
  • CCON-3217 - Misc - Tab changes to the close button and the color of selected tabs
  • CCON-3219 - Misc - Clean up the arrows used in the tab bar
  • CCON-3609 - Misc - Display a pop-up message when a user is auto-logged out
  • CCON-3303 - Misc - New area on Orders / Estimates / Service Tickets for embedded link to associated transaction
  • CCON-3305 - Misc - Change text input boxes (everywhere) to be selectable and read only when NOT in Edit mode
  • CCON-3306 - Misc - Change the way required fields look throughout the system
  • CCON-3215 - Explorers - Add ability to use Company Number in the Company field for Order and Estimate Explorers - #352469
  • CCON-3775 - Explorers- Add Purchase Order Number and Bill Number columns to the Receiving Document Explorer - #364140
  • CCON-3776 - Explorers - Add Order number to the Purchase Order Explorer- #364181
  • CCON-3299 - Payments - Add Product Codes to Freeway Data to achieve Level 3 Compatibility
  • CCON-3372 - Handle Embedded Link to Add a New Order Line Item
  • CCON-3531 - [CFL] Create new CFL Command ExecSQL
  • CCON-3549 - [CFL] Create New CFL LoadFromURL Command to Hit URL Endpoint
  • CCON-3759 - Imports - Change Importer for XML files to have everything be unchecked on load
  • CCON-3823 - Make SetVariables work with an INI file as well
  • CCON-2996 - As a User, I can have a Web Browser Instrument
  • CCON-3260 - Add Associated Orders feature to Control - #352285
  • CCON-3454 - Part Usage: Add Select All/Unselect All buttons to confirm usage form (Cyrcon 2017)
  • CCON-3539 - Access Violation - A/V errors when switching between reports - #360039
  • CCON-3644 - Access Violation - Access Violation in the Online Tax Options section of Accounting Setup
  • CCON-3853 - Access Violation - AV when going into the Reconcile Bank Statement screen - #366119 - #366111
  • CCON-3395 - Access Violation - AV when simply clicking Edit on an Order (database specific) - #357093
  • CCON-3780 - Access Violation - Access Violation when creating a new warehouse (data specific) - #364080
  • CCON-3983 - Access Violation - AV occurs when you expand a second shipment while viewing the first - #369032
  • CCON-3856 - Accounting - The number of items cannot be greater than 64, if the EditValueFormat is cvfInteger - #365396
  • CCON-3601 - Avalara - Finance charges being posted to Avalara
  • CCON-3636 - Contacts - Customer billing address fields are not available upon first edit attempt - #361345
  • CCON-2785 - Dashboards - Report Instrument is not honoring the user chosen zoom level - #318246
  • CCON-3289 - Dashboards - Line Item Detail instrument is not refreshing to the ticket you have selected
  • CCON-3262 - Dashboards - Instruments are not loading correctly when expanded after viewing and closing the Payments tab
  • CCON-3710 - Estimates - Estimate Variations are not showing up properly - #363587
  • CCON-3634 - Explorers - Totals bar in dashboard instruments show black - #361334
  • CCON-3983 - Explorers - Order Criteria about Shipping causes SQL errors in Line Item explorers - #369121
  • CCON-3696 - Explorers - Advanced Query info is showing up incorrectly for Discount and Pricing Levels
  • CCON-3814 - Explorers - Contact Advanced Queries are not showing up properly - #365699
  • CCON-3832 - Explorers - Viewing Transactions for selected Line Items in the Line Item Explorer shows all transactions
  • CCON-3802 - Financial - Tax account remains in TransDetail.TaxItems and shows on Invoice after Tax Class is changed - #364118
  • CCON-3806 - Imports - Error Importing Customers with Parenthesis in the Header Name
  • CCON-3673 - Imports - Not able to import Product XML into OOBv3 - #362348
  • CCON-3808 - Imports - Import Map doesn't save field names with commas correctly
  • CCON-3864 - Inventory - Check reserved quantities tool does not enact refresh monitor for inventory table - #365462
  • CCON-3678 - Macros - Macros are not working properly
  • CCON-3709 - Macros - Options section of Report Macros is being cut off - #363169
  • CCON-3855 - Macros - PO Ordered Date merge field shows at 1/1/1900 when PO Status is changed multiple times - #364125
  • CCON-3961 - Macros - Macros not firing off until Reset Listener is clicked when using a Macro SSLIP - #368618
  • CCON-3637 - Orders - Estimated part price may drop or change to a different value to/from zero - #361337
  • CCON-3478 - Orders - Move Down button doesn't work when you have the first line item selected - #359625
  • CCON-3647 - Orders - Icons are not on the correct tabs when you do not have all tabs showing on Orders
  • CCON-3605 - Orders - Price and parts are removed from order if the item is opened before saving - #361017
  • CCON-3699 - Orders - Prevent column widths on transactions from being set to 0 - #365616
  • CCON-3711 - Orders - Converted Estimates Station list on the main frame are not available - #363579
  • CCON-3772 - Orders - User must uncheck and re-check First Try To Lookup By Postal Code to calc taxes on Orders - #363556
  • CCON-3777 - Orders - Children Due Dates are not updating when you change parent via right click option - #364123
  • CCON-3820 - Orders - Part usage cards showing in SQL but not in Control - #364074
  • CCON-3924 - Orders - Multi payments to Orders is not moving all from Sale to Closed status - #366007
  • CCON-3927 - Orders - Unable to edit prices when copying locked line items into new Orders - #366618
  • CCON-3929 - Orders - Unable to override Tax Exemption on Order - #368059
  • CCON-3748 - Payments - Unable to Void payment - Credit Balance is insufficient message doesn't stop actual Void from being processed
  • CCON-3854 - Payments - Amount to Pay field not accessible with lower screen resolutions - #366136
  • CCON-3540 - Payments - Unable to void payment message - Customer credit balance is insufficient - #360025
  • CCON-3572 - Payments - Company flags pop up for every Sale Order paid off when paid with credit cards - #360064 - #360562
  • CCON-3667 - Payments - One of more field in the request contain invalid data - #361340
  • CCON-3629 - Payments - Oops error when attempting to use all of Customer Credit on an Order with a larger balance due - #361165
  • CCON-3880 - Payments - Total payment amount must be less than or equal to the balance of the order - #366321
  • CCON-3928 - Payments - Unable to create transaction error when no State is filled in on Company record
  • CCON-3747 - PrCA - Can't clock onto One Part
  • CCON-3753 - PrCA - When clocking on to a single line item, time is split between all line items
  • CCON-3804 - PrCA - Station changes are not being recorded
  • CCON-3677 - Pricing - Quantity is reset to previous value upon saving if you don't click into another field - #362725
  • CCON-3413 - Pricing - Add and Delete buttons are not showing up on initial load of pricing form - #357762
  • CCON-3788 - Pricing - Control “ has no parent window error when you place a Smart Part control on a pricing form
  • CCON-3932 - Pricing - Default Value info is cleared on on Save of Variable of a Product - #368520
  • CCON-3923 - Pricing - Add Move Up / Move Down buttons to the Assembly tab in Products - #366849
  • CCON-3969 - Pricing - Pricing form is coming up on a different screen than the program is running
  • CCON-3200 - Purchase Orders - Refresh issue when you scroll too fast through the line items - #352065
  • CCON-3630 - Purchase Orders - Unable to save Purchase Orders because expected date will not stay set - #361230
  • CCON-3414 - Purchase Orders - Catalog items with an altered Vendor Part Name are not being selected correctly - #357809 - #360651
  • CCON-3701 - Purchase Orders - Default for Order field is not accepting manually typed in values unless you hit enter
  • CCON-3971 - Purchase Orders - Notes field gets automatically cleared out if your mouse leaves the field
  • CCON-3603 - Reports - Reference Number area is now missing from the Purchase Order report - #360908
  • CCON-3631 - Reports - All Account Statements report displays payments for other customers than what is selected - #361219
  • CCON-3632 - Reports - All Account Statements report displays # symbols in the days late columns - #361239 - #361297
  • CCON-3670 - Reports - SQL report macro color field values change upon interaction - #362556
  • CCON-3817 - Reports - Prompt before overwriting is missing from Crystal styled reports in Control - #363754
  • CCON-3440 - Reports - Cost analysis report by Order just hangs on generating preview screen on certain databases - #358097 (Note: This report will not run for all Orders on large databases)
  • CCON-3819 - Security - Non-Admin users are unable to print reports from work assignments on the activity manager - #364085
  • CCON-3641 - Security - Non admin users (and Partial) are unable to Preview custom reports - #361378
  • CCON-3378 - Shipping - User receives the message “Shipping Address not found - Resetting to Default” when using a contact from a parent company on a shipment - #354979
  • CCON-3618 - Shipping - Choose Other Address option is not showing addresses - #361048
  • CCON-3778 - Stations - Unable to change Stations by right click from dashboards or explorers - #364183
  • CCON-3633 - Stations - Station changes are not creating activities - #361317
  • CCON-3810 - Misc - Adjust Time Clock entries screen is not showing all the info that should be there
  • CCON-3799 - Misc - History is not pushing older items off of the list when new ones are added to a “full” list
  • CCON-3676 - Misc - ShowOnTimeClock field set to True for PO and other Station types when it should not be
  • CCON-3481 - Misc - Retroactive Monthly Closeouts not closing the previous closeout when inserting a new one - #359720
  • CCON-3654 - Misc - Toolbar display options are no longer working - #362531
  • CCON-3655 - Misc - History accesses the main calendar for user, rather than specified calendar view in history - #362586
  • CCON-3757 - Misc - Invalid Printer Name in Printer Type causes dozens of prompts
  • CCON-3890 - Misc - Defined Printer Refresh Issue on RDP
  • CCON-3919 - Misc - Menus from the action toolbar are showing up on another monitor
  • CCON-3919 - Misc - Retroactive Closeouts give a conversion error with an OOBv3 database
  • CCON-3930 - Misc - The Active check box in reporting setup is grayed out at all times and should be hidden - #368079

3.10.14 (08/04/2017)

1.3.48 (06/12/2017)

1.7.12 (12/21/2016)


6.1 and previous versions do not use the same version of the SQLBridge.dll. This file, along with all the normal application files, will need to be reverted in order to launch the SSLIP. Additionally, you may need to run a query on your database if you are getting a Drop Assembly error.


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