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Bar Code Scanning in Job Monitor

This feature is only available with Production Terminal version 05.00.1104.2001 and later.

The barcode feature not only allows the user to enter text with a keyboard or select a value with a mouse as usual, but to also accept input from a barcode scanner. USB Barcode Scanners simulate keystrokes of the keyboard. However, the information coming from the barcode is a numeric ID of the data and not the data itself, so Production Terminal has to manually handle barcode where applicable.

The following fields in the Job Monitor Screen can be filled in using a bar code scanner:

  • Employee
  • Line Item #
  • Station
  • Assigned To
  • Part (when clocking in)

To use the barcode, the user will need to click in the desired field and then scan the desired bar code for that field. The field will populate with the corresponding value and the focus will advance to the next field (like a Tab would). If the bar code does not have a match, a message will display indicating there was no match found. Users can also type into these fields.

Note: Cyrious uses DBR28 Code 128 barcode fonts.

The decoded format of a barcode in Cyrious is as follows:



  • ~ (tilde) indicates that what follows is a bar code.
  • cccccc is the ClassTypeID of the particular data item.
  • iiiii is the database ID of the particular data item.

The ClassTypeIDs of all objects in Cyrious can be found on this WIKI:


For Production Terminal, the following ClassTypeIDs are used:

Object ClassTypeID
Employee 3500
Line Item 10100
Part (Definition) 12014
Station 26100
Part (in a Transaction) 10300

The scanner should be set up to send a CR/LF after each scan. This may be the default, but many scanners are configurable.

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