Unmask credit card number only shows first four digits


Incompatible versions of the SSLIP and C3S Host application.


  1. For SSLIP versions 04.40.1003.0501 and later, update the C3SHost to version 1.0.1002.2601.

If stored credit card numbers have this issue after an update to 4.4 from 4.3, perform the following steps:

  1. Restore the 4.3 backup of the database separately from the current data and name it 43_StoreData.
  2. Run this query:
UPDATE StoreData.dbo.AccountContact
SET ModifiedDate = GETDATE()
, ModifiedByUser = 'CyriousTech'
, IsCCNumEncrypt = 1
, DefaultPaymentTrackingNumber = OldAC.DefaultPaymentTrackingNumber
, CCCSCustomerGuid = NULL
FROM [StoreData].dbo.AccountContact
LEFT JOIN [43_StoreData].dbo.AccountContact OldAC ON OldAC.ID = AccountContact.ID
  1. Restart the SSLIP.
  2. Start Control. Control will again run through the process of updating existing credit card number to C3S.

In cases where SQL Server is located on a dfferent machine and the logged in user does not access privileges to SQL, C3S will fail to login. when testing this connection, you will receive an error message as follows:

Login failed for user ''.  Verify the C3SConnectionString property is
pointing to the right database in the C3S config file
'C:\Program Files\Cyrious\SSLIP\Utilities\C3S\C3SHost.exe.config'

Resolution #1: Modify the C3S Connection String

  1. Open the SSLIP_Options.txt
  2. Add this option to the file and save: UpdateC3SHostConfig=0. This will prevent the SSLIP from overriding the changes that will be made next in the C3S Host configuration file.
  3. Open the C3SHost.exe.config file located in …\SSLIP\Utilities\C3S\.
  4. Delete the “Integrated Security=True” parameter from the connection string.
  5. Type in User Id=USERNAME;Password=PASSWORD*;

*Replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with the appropriate user name and password to access the SQL Server database.

Resolution #2: Add User to SQL Server login

  1. Modify SQL Server to allow the user the SSLIP will run from as an accepted login user.

Resolution #3: Switch Users

  1. Run the SSLIP as a user that has rights to the SQL Server database.


Contributor: Development, Cyrious Software

Date: 04/20/2009

Version: Control

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