CHAPI runs on port 12556 by default, you have the option of installing CHAPI to a different port during the manual installation of CHAPI. If this is done, you must add a startup option to the SSLIP so that is aware of what port it needs to communicate with CHAPI on.

  1. For this to work however, you must have already installed the CHAPI service to the port we specify using the Command Line Installation instructions located here.
  2. Open the SSLIP_Options.txt file and place the following command in the text file on an empty line.
    • If a SSLIP_Options.txt file does not exist, please create a blank text document with notepad.
  3. Insert this line:
    • ChapiURL=http://computername:port/
    • Example:
    • ChapiURL=http://MyServer:12358/
  4. In the above example, ‘MyServer’ is the computer name/DNS name of the server and 12358 is the port we have directed CHAPI to use.
  5. Add an incoming exception to the firewall for the CHAPI port being used.

Contributor: Brandon R, Cyrious.

Date: 7/5/2013

Version: Control 5.1+

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