CHAPI must be setup to connect to specific databases, without these connection strings the Chapi.ServiceHost will fail to communicate with the databases. When doing an installation via the MSI the connection strings are setup automatically however if you do a manual installation you will need to specify the proper settings for each string.

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyrious\CHAPI\ folder or the location chosen during installation.
  2. Edit the Chapi.ServiceHost.exe.config file with notepad.
  3. Verify the are valid for the 2 connections for the Chapi databases. If your computer name was MyServer with a SQL Instance of Cyrious your connection strings would resemble this example.
  4. Change the Password=9999999 to the valid password for the SQL user account named cyrious.
  5. If you need to set a certain port for CHAPI, you would put it after the CYRIOUS instance.
    • Example: Server=\Cyrious,1433;

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If the SQL instance has no name (meaning only the server name shows up on the login screen), then do the following:

  • You must edit the CHAPI.ServiceHost.exe.config in note pad. You will need to completely remove the default instance name of “Cyrious” from these two locations. Lines 13 and 14 in this file located in the CHAPI folder contain these entries.
  • Connection string will normally appear asconnectionString=“Server=(LOCAL)\Cyrious,1433;” and will need to be adjusted in this case to connectionString=“Server=(LOCAL)\;

Contributor: Brandon R., Cyrious, Paul M.

Date: 8/5/2013

Version: Control 5.1

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