Issue: CHAPI will sometimes not communicate with the SSLIP properly, and will provide this error on the startup of the SSLIP. There are a few basic things to check when you receive this error message, which is shown below.

  1. Go to your Start Menu or Start Screen and type “Services.msc”, and open that program
  2. Locate CHAPI.ServiceHost_12556 and confirm that the service does not say Started in the Status column
  3. If the service is not currently running, click on Start in the upper left side of this window, shown below
  4. Once you have done this the service should start properly and will look like the picture below
  5. From there you should attempt to start the SSLIP. If you still get the same error, then proceed to Issue 2 below.
  1. Open up SQL Studio Management Studio and log into the instance that the SSLIP is pointed at.
  2. Verify that the Chapi and Chapi_Logging databases are currently there.
  3. If they are missing, or not attached yet, it will look like the picture below

  1. If Chapi is not here, and is not being created by the SSLIP, it probably means that there is a copy of a Chapi database already created on your system that isn't attached yet.
  2. Open up a Windows Explorer window, and go to the following location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.CYRIOUS\MSSQL\DATA
  3. Verify that you have the databases available as shown above.
  4. If your Chapi and Chapi_Logging databases are available, go back to your SQL instance, and attach them manually.
  5. After you have attached the two databases, you should restart your SQL Server service for the Cyrious instance, as well as the Chapi service.
  6. Once both of those services have restarted, you should attempt to start the SSLIP.

Note: If you have completed both of these steps, and you are receiving the same error, a complete reinstall of Chapi may be required.

  1. Open the services screen (services.msc).
  2. Double Click on the CHAPI.Service_Host_12556 service.
  3. Note the Path to executable.

Note: If this path is not correct, it can be changed in the server's registry. If you are not familiar with registry or how to back it up, please contact Tech Support. Modifying the wrong settings can cause serious problems and leave your computer in an unusable state.

  1. Turn off the CHAPI service if it is currently running.
  2. Open the registry and back it up.
  3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CHAPI.ServiceHost_12556
  4. Change the ImagePath to the correct CHAPI folder.
  5. Ensure the CHAPI.ServiceHost.exe.config file has the correct information in that location.
  6. Start the CHAPI Service.
  7. Launch the SSLIP.
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