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This document is written in the present tense. This is not because the feature exist, but because it is easier to write in this form and it makes the documentation easier to adapt if the feature is adopted.

The Lead Tracking Feature in Control is designed to be a simple but effective way to implement your prospecting system. It can be extended to use with customer management, but this discussion will only cover its use in prospect management.

The first aspect in the Lead Tracking Feature in Control is to evaluate salesperson progress. This is done by tracking changes in the Company Stage. In the default configuration, the following Company Stages are defined for prospects:

  • Cold Lead
  • Warm Lead
  • Hot Lead
  • Dead

Control's Lead Tracking reports track the movement of a salespersons's prospects between stages and ultimately into a Client status (with an order).

The second aspect of the Lead Tracking Feature measures is to evaluate the salespersons activity level. Sepcifically, the results of a salespersons contact activities are analyzed to determine how a salespersons spends his or her time. (Control uses contact activities as the measure for all sales related activities.) The “Salesperson Activity Report” summarizes the results from the salespersons achieves and their success in moving customers between stages.

The adaptation requires the user interface changes envisioned in the concept_discussion_-_company_stages. No additional changes are needed.

As part of this process, you will need to:

  • Setup your Activity Results under System Setup | Result (under Marketing & Activity Manager). Cyrious recommends you use no more than 8 result types. Too many report types make reporting difficult and lead to a “too much choice” dilemna that tends to reduce the quality of the answers.
  • Setup your Company Stages for prospects. Cyrious recommends you limit this to 5 or fewer categories for meaningful analysis.
  • Cyrious recommends you turn on the option to “Require Activity Result” under System Setup | Marketing & Activity Manager to ensure all contact activities are given a meaningful result.

The following reports are included with this feature:

  • Salesperson Activity Report

Additional technical notes:

  • None.

Contributor: Cyrious Software

Date: 11/2009

Version: Control 4.4+

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