This instrument allows the user to select the type of search to be performed. Valid choices are:

  • Customer
  • Contact
  • Order/Service Ticket
  • Estimate
  • Activity

Almost every other instrument subscribes to the result type and adjusts based on its selection. If it is not found, customer will be the assumed result type by all instruments.

Search Categories Instruments

This instrument shows a tree of categories that can be searched on in Advanced Explorer. It is the left panel in the advanced search builder frame.

Expanding a node in the tree will show all subcategories. When a category is selected, the Search Criteria Instrument will update with all of the criteria in that category.

Search Criteria Instrument

This instrument shows a list of search criteria. It is the center panel in the advanced search builder frame.

The Search Criteria Instrument operates in two distinct modes: Static and Linked. When in Linked mode, the instrument responds to changes in the Advanced Search Categories Instrument and the criteria displayed change whenever the category changes. In Static mode, the instrument always keeps the same criteria displayed. Running in static mode allows a user to create a panel for easily adding commonly used criteria (like Industries) without having to navigate through categories.

Search Tree Instrument

This instrument displays the full advanced search (as currently defined) that will be run.

To execute the search, click on the “Execute” button or check the “Auto-Execute” checkbox.

Saved Searches Instrument

This instrument displays a list of saved searches. It shows all shared (public) searches and non-shared (private) searchs for the logged in user.

The users selects the query by double-clicking on the saved search or clicking on the saved query and selecting “Load”.

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