An update was released to all systems. Following are release notes related to new features, changes made to existing features and functionality, and fixes for previously reported issues. If you have questions, please contact our support department for assistance by emailing .

Enhancements / Refinements

  • Checkboxes are now visible when hovering on a line item in the Admin Panel. Previously, they were visible only when hovering over the checkbox itself. (EC-2060)

General Fixes / Issues
The issues below were resolved in this release.

  • Add-Ons: Resolved an issue where cloning a Catalog caused duplicate Add-Ons to be created. (EC-2059)
  • Products: Removed a persistent error for duplicate Product SKU after an unique Product SKU has been entered. (EC-2061)
  • Shipping: Resolved an issue preventing Carrier Rate Shipping from calculating during checkout. (EC-2064)
  • Stores: Fixed an issue causing Footer links not to populate on mobile. (EC-2062)
  • Stores: Resolved an issue preventing Footer links from redirecting to the correct page. (EC-2062)
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