Updating Historical Payments Using PCI-DSS Standards Screen

When first upgrading to Control 4.4 from an earlier version, this popup will appear for the first login. After a 10-15 second delay, the process of updatign historical credit card payments will begin. If the screen is closed, the updated is stopped and will not show up again until the next login.

This will begin the process of updating all historical credit card payments to meet the pci-dss_compliance standards. Once the process has been started, the number of records updated and the estimated time remaining will automatically update every 5 seconds. Running the update process will hog all of Control's resources and and appear to hang. If a task needs to be performed, the update can be paused using the Stop buton and later resumed.

This will stop the update process. Once stopped, the process can be resumed by clicking the Start button.

Closes the popup.

*Note: The close button is only avaliable when the update is completed or stopped. Once the popup has been closed, it only appear the next time a user logs in and the update was not previously completed.

  • Status: Displays the current status of the update procedure.
    • Initializing … Preparing to update historical payments.
    • Updating … Historical payments are currently being updated.
    • Stopped. The update has been stopped by the user.
    • Error Occurred. The update has been stopped due to an error it has encountered. The text can be clicked on to get a popup of the error that was encountered.
    • Completed. The update has been successfully completed.
  • Records Updated: Displays the number of records updated during this update and the total number of records that need to be updated.
  • Time Remaining: Displays the estimated time left to complete updating historical payments.
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