Job Boards are a powerful new feature introduced in the Production CloudApp (PrCA). Job Boards are comprised of one or more Lists (corresponding to stations). Lists are then made up of Cards (corresponding to jobs). Cards are supposed to progress from one list to the next (via drag-and-drop), mirroring the flow of a job from start to finish.

Here's a few things to note about boards:

  • Boards can either be Private or Shared.

**Private board:** a board that only you have access to

**Shared board:** a board that is available for many users

  • Each user can designate job boards as Favorites, which are commonly used boards
  • Each board must be linked to at least one station
  1. To navigate to Job Boards, you can either click the board icon on the top menu bar or select the menu and click My Boards. This takes you to the main Production Boards page.

  1. To create a new job board, click the + under Other

  1. Click Create New Board at the bottom of your screen

  1. On the General tab:
    1. Enter a name for your new board
    2. Select whether this is a Private or Shared board
    3. Select a color scheme for the board

  1. On the Stations tab:
    1. Use the Plus button to add at least one station to your new board

  1. Click Save when you are finished creating your new job board.

After a board is created, you can mark it as a Favorite by dragging and dropping it into the Favorites section or by clicking the Star icon in the bottom right corner of the board.

Boards can be edited by simply selecting the desired board then clicking the Gear icon in the top right corner of the board.

Boards can be removed by selecting the desired board and dragging and dropping it to the garbage can at the bottom of the screen. This does not actually delete the board, but will simply stop it from showing up on your list of boards. You can re-add that board later by clicking on the plus symbol again. You are able to delete the board fully ONLY if you are the owner of the board, and are in the screen where you create/choose boards. You will see the owners name next to the boards that they have created, but only they are able to remove those boards. On any board that you have created, you will see a minus icon that you can click on to fully delete the board (picture not shown).

Once a job board has been created, you have the ability to:

  1. Select a job and open it to see more information and perform different actions for that job
  2. Mark a job as a high priority which moves it to the top of the column on the board
  3. Change which station a job is in my dragging and dropping the card to another station's list
  4. Change the due date of the job and all items associated with it
  5. Change the assigned to person for the job

Contributor: Cyrious Software

Date: 05/26/2017

Version: Control 06.10

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