This wiki describes how to add the Pay Online button to a report. The Pay Online button is used in conjunction with the online payments feature in Control. When clicked, the customer is directed to a webpage where they can enter their credit card information to pay an invoice. For more info, see the Online Payments Wiki.

For the Pay Online button to work,

  • The customer must have a valid Terminal ID and Store ID in Setup > Accounting Setup > Credit Card Options.
  • The customer must have the Cyrious Cloud Connector option enabled and it must have a valid Root Path entered in Setup > System Setup.
  • The customer must have the UDF C^3 Module Authorized checked in internal Control.

In the steps below, I'll refer to an invoice report. You can use the exact same steps on other reports as well.

  1. Open the invoice in Crystal Reports.
  2. Create a new string parameter called ApplicationProperty_CloudRootPath. Enter the settings shown below:

  1. Add the Pay Online button to your report. You can use the one supplied below or any image of your choice.

{{ :payonline.bmp|}}

  1. Right click on the image and select Format Graphic.
    1. Go to the Hyperlink tab.
    2. The Hyperlink Type that we need to use is A Website on the Internet.
    3. Under Hyperlink Information, click the formula edit button and paste the below code:

> '' + {?APPLICATIONPROPERTY_CloudRootPath} + '/payment/' + ToText({Command_Invoice.OrderNumber}, 0, "")

  1. Save your report changes and test the new button.

Most customers will not want to display the Pay Online button on every invoice. The solution would be to add a parameter that suppresses the section that displays the Pay Online button. Then the customer can decide when the button is displayed and when it isn't.

Contributor: Cyrious Software

Date: 06/28/2016

Version: Control 05.70

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