Describes how to set the number variable on a pricing form so that it shows decimals.

We want some Number variables to show 3 and 4 decimal places on the pricing form to capture fractions like 3/16th.

The number variable when set up can have minimums and maximums specified. Be sure that these settings do not conflict with the minimum and maximum number you want to enable on the Pricing Form.

  1. Go to the Pricing Form where the Number Variable you wish to modify is found, for example, Width.
  2. Put the Pricing Form in Edit Mode and click on the Variable Object on the Pricing Form. You will note that the list of “Properties” on the list changes.
  3. The 5th item from the top will say Decimals. The value will probably be 0. Enter the number for the number of decimal places you want to show. You will see the object change on your pricing form. You may have to click on it and drag one of the placeholders to make it wider so that it will show all the numbers entered.
  4. Next scan down the list of Properties until you see Integers Only. That will probably be set to True. Click on the True field and you will see a choice of True or False. Select False.
  5. Save the Pricing form and you now can capture decimals for this number in your Estimate or Work Order. If they do not show up on your screen when creating the Work Order or Estimate, you may have to modify the code in the Layout Sheets.

Contributor: Steve Gillispie

Date: 7/19/2009

Version: Control 4.3_

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