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You may create a set of pricing levels in the pricing setup that will apply to estimates, orders, or companies. A pricing level is any percentage you choose that will be calculated into the price of an order.
When entering an estimate, order, or a company's information, on the right side of the screen is a drop-down box selection of pricing level. After setting up these promotions, they will appear in this box.
Pricing Level Screen

Figure 12 1 Pricing Level Screen

Level Use the drop down box to select your percentage amount in increments of one. You may also enter your desired amount into the field.
Description Enter a description for your own reference. Customers never see this text.
Used by the following Companies Use this field to enter in a list of companies for your own use. You will assign a company's pricing level in the company screen.

Effective Use

Use a pricing level to provide a special price for a valued customer, or to compensate for additional charges incurred by a particularly involved customer. A pricing level is not visible to a client, so you may use your best judgment in providing implicit discounts or charges. Pricing levels can be combined with promotions. For instance, you may apply a 110% pricing level to a company, order, or estimate, which is not visible to a client. To this pricing level, you may then add a 10% promotion. Employees may also have a default pricing level. This is frequently used when outside salespeople price at a higher level to compensate for the additional service. If an employee pricing level is set and that employee is set as the primary salesperson for the order or estimate, the order will be set to the employee's pricing level. Notification of this change is given to the operator in the form of a pop-up message.

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