Production CloudApp (PrCA) is a web based application designed especially for tasks that are common in the production area. Those tasks include: clocking in and out, changing stations, viewing a job board, posting time and materials to a job, etc… The application can be accessed via any web-enabled device by visiting and logging in. Please note that this application is only for use with customers that are running Control 6.1 or greater. Cyrious released Production CloudApp on August 11th, 2017.

  • Businesses may opt for the following levels of Production CloudApp (Basic, Plus, or None).
    • Basic
      • Cost: $0.00 (Free) per user per month through year-end 2018.
      • Supported features include: Timeclock, Job Boards & Station Management, Unlimited Production Boards
    • Plus
      • Cost: $12.00 per user per month.
      • Billing is based on the number of different employees that login within the calendar month. (e.g., If 4 different employees log in during a month, regardless of how many times they log in, the company is charged for 4 user licenses.)
  • Businesses do not need to purchase licenses in advance.

Notes and Service Requirements

  • Customers must be on support to access the Cyrious Cloud Portal, which is required for all CloudApps.
  • Requires Control 6.1 or Higher to Use.
  • Customers who purchased Production Terminal receive Plus Level for no additional charge through July 31st, 2018
  • All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated.

No sign-up is needed to use the Basic Level of Production CloudApp but a customer will need to notify Cyrious if they want the Plus level.

Production CloudApp is billed as a separate line item on the same invoice as the companies support agreement which is billed on the 25th of the month.

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