Updated: 2009-09-21

Version: Control 4.4

Table Purpose, Usage, and Notes

This table contains all order level information about a transaction.

Information on Table Data

  • ClassTypeIDs in Table:
    • 10000 - Order/Estimate/Template/Service Tickets
    • 11000 - Purchase Order/Bill/Receiving Document
  • TransactionTypes in Table:
    • 1 - Order
    • 2 - Estimate
    • 3 - Recurring Order
    • 4 - Credit Memo
    • 5 - ?
    • 6 - Service Ticket
    • 7 - Purchase Order
    • 8 - Bill
    • 9 - Receiving Document
    • 10 - Vendor Credit Memo
  • StatusIDs in Table (corresponding transaction type):
    • 0 - New
    • 1 - WIP (order, service ticket)
    • 2 - Built (order)
    • 3 - Sale (order, service ticket)
    • 4 - Closed (order, service ticket, bill, receiving document)
    • 6 - Open (PO, bill)
    • 9 - Voided (order, credit memo, bill, vendor credit memo, receiving document)
    • 11 - Pending (estimate)
    • 12 - Lost (estimate)
    • 13 - Converted (estimate)
    • 14 - Voided (estimate)
    • 20 - Credit Memo (credit memo)
    • 21 - Recurring Order (recurring order)
    • 24 - Vendor Credit Memo (vendor credit memo)
    • 25 - Requested (PO)
    • 26 - Approved (PO)
    • 27 - Ordered (PO)
    • 28 - Closed (PO)
    • 29 - Cancelled (PO)
    • 30 - Rejected (PO)
    • 31 - Received (PO)

Table Structure

~ Table.FieldName ~ Data Type ~ Description ~ Links To
TransHeader.AccountID int ID of the Customer Account Account.ID
TransHeader.AccountStoreID int Not Used.
TransHeader.ApprovedByID int Employee.ID
TransHeader.ApprovedDate datetime
TransHeader.AssignedToID int Employee.ID
TransHeader.AssociatedOrderNumber int TransHeader.OrderNumber
TransHeader.AuthAmount decimal(18, 4) The amount of the pre-authorization on an order
TransHeader.AuthExpirationDT datetime The date the pre-authorization expires.
TransHeader.AuthCCTransactionID Int ID of the credit card transaction that processed the pre-authorization CCTransaction.ID
TransHeader.BalanceDue decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.BasePrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.BillDate datetime
TransHeader.BillNumber int
TransHeader.BuiltDate datetime
TransHeader.ClassTypeID int Identifier for the Type of Object
TransHeader.ClosedDate datetime
TransHeader.ContactID int AccountContact.ID
TransHeader.ConvertedDate datetime
TransHeader.CreditMemoAmount float
TransHeader.CreditMemoOrderID int
TransHeader.DefaultOrderClassTypeID int
TransHeader.DefaultOrderID int
TransHeader.DefaultOrderItemClassTypeID int
TransHeader.DefaultOrderItemID int
TransHeader.Description text
TransHeader.DiscountLevel float
TransHeader.DiscountLevelOverridden bit
TransHeader.DiscountPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.DispositionID int
TransHeader.DivisionID int ID of the Division for this Transaction EmployeeGroup.ID
TransHeader.DivisionIDOverridden bit
TransHeader.DroppedDate datetime
TransHeader.DueDate datetime
TransHeader.EarlyPaymentDiscountOVAmount float
TransHeader.EnteredByID int Employee.ID
TransHeader.EstimateCreatedDate datetime
TransHeader.EstimateGreeting text
TransHeader.EstimateGreetingTemplate text
TransHeader.EstimateNumber int
TransHeader.ExpectedPayClassTypeID int
TransHeader.ExpectedPayID int
TransHeader.FinanceChargeAmount decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.HTMLLongFormat text
TransHeader.HTMLShortFormat text
TransHeader.ID int Primary Key for the Table
TransHeader.InvoiceAddressID int Address.ID
TransHeader.InvoiceAddressLinkID int
TransHeader.InvoiceAddressOverridden bit
TransHeader.InvoiceCompanyID int Account.ID
TransHeader.InvoiceCompanyOV bit
TransHeader.InvoiceContactID int AccountContact.ID
TransHeader.InvoiceContactOV bit
TransHeader.InvoiceNumber int
TransHeader.IsActive bit Not Used for This Table
TransHeader.IsDirty bit
TransHeader.IsEarlyPaymentDiscountOV bit
TransHeader.IsFirmDueDate bit
TransHeader.IsSystem bit Used to Mark Required Records
TransHeader.IsTaxExempt bit
TransHeader.IsValidTax bit
TransHeader.JobGroupingType TinyInt
TransHeader.JobGroupingTypeOV Bit
TransHeader.LastFinanceChargeDate datetime
TransHeader.LastRecurrence datetime
TransHeader.ManuallyReOpened bit
TransHeader.ModifiedByComputer nvarchar(25) HostName of computer that last modified this record
TransHeader.ModifiedByUser nvarchar(25) Windows User who last modified this record
TransHeader.ModifiedDate datetime DateTime this Record was last modified
TransHeader.ModifierPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.NextRefNumber int
TransHeader.OrderCreatedDate datetime
TransHeader.OrderedByID int
TransHeader.OrderedDate datetime
TransHeader.OrderNotes text
TransHeader.OrderNotesTemplate text
TransHeader.OrderNumber int
TransHeader.OrderOriginID int
TransHeader.OrderOriginName nchar(25)
TransHeader.OrderTemplateNumber int
TransHeader.PaymentTotal decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.PayrollClassTypeID int
TransHeader.PayrollID int
TransHeader.PercentComplete float Default value for child TransDetails
TransHeader.PONumber nvarchar(25) Customer's Purchase Order Number
TransHeader.POPaymentTermsID int links to PaymentTerms.ID
TransHeader.POShippingMethodID int before version 04.50.1107.2101: links to Element.ID and Element.ClassTypeID 6130
version 04.50.1107.2101 +: links to ShippingMethod.ID
TransHeader.PricingLevel float
TransHeader.PricingLevelID int
TransHeader.PricingLevelOverridden bit
TransHeader.ProductionDivisionID int The ID of the Production Division on the Production tab EmployeeGroup
TransHeader.ProductionNotes text
TransHeader.ProductionNotesTemplate text
TransHeader.PromotionID int
TransHeader.ProofDate datetime
TransHeader.PurchaseOrderNumber int Your Purchase Order Number
TransHeader.RawSubTotalPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.ReceivedByID int Employee.ID
TransHeader.ReceivedDate datetime
TransHeader.ReceivingDocNumber int
TransHeader.RecurrenceEndDate datetime
TransHeader.RecurrenceStartDate datetime
TransHeader.RecurrenceType int
TransHeader.RejectedDate datetime Date the estimate was marked Lost
TransHeader.RequestedByID int Employee.ID
TransHeader.RequestedDate datetime
TransHeader.RoundingPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.SaleDate datetime Date the order was marked Sale (aka “the invoice date”)
TransHeader.SalesDispositionID int
TransHeader.SalesPerson1ID int Employee.ID
TransHeader.SalesPerson2ID int Employee.ID
TransHeader.SalesPerson3ID int Employee.ID
TransHeader.SalesStationClassTypeID int
TransHeader.SalesStationID int Station.ID
TransHeader.ScheduledPaymentDate datetime
TransHeader.ScheduledPaymentIntervals int
TransHeader.ScheduledPaymentPlanID int
TransHeader.ScheduledPayments int
TransHeader.SeqID int
TransHeader.ServiceTicketNumber int
TransHeader.ShipFromAddressID int
TransHeader.ShipFromAddressLinkID int
TransHeader.ShipFromAddressOverridden bit
TransHeader.ShipFromClassTypeID int
TransHeader.ShipFromID int
TransHeader.ShippingAddressID int
TransHeader.ShippingAddressLinkID int
TransHeader.ShippingAddressOverridden bit
TransHeader.ShippingCompanyID int
TransHeader.ShippingCompanyOV bit
TransHeader.ShippingContactID int AccountContact.ID
TransHeader.ShippingContactOV bit
TransHeader.SonsBasePrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.SonsDiscountPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.SonsModifierPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.SonsRawSubTotalPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.SonsRoundingPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.SonsSubTotalPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.SonsTaxablePrice float
TransHeader.SonsTaxesPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.SonsTotalPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.StationActivityClassTypeID int
TransHeader.StationActivityID int
TransHeader.StationClassTypeID int
TransHeader.StationID int Station.ID
TransHeader.StatusID int
TransHeader.StatusText nvarchar(50)
TransHeader.StoreID int Not Used.
TransHeader.SubTotalPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.TaxablePrice float
TransHeader.TaxClassID int
TransHeader.TaxClassOverridden bit
TransHeader.TaxesPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.TaxItems text
TransHeader.TaxNumber nchar(25)
TransHeader.TipsAmount float
TransHeader.TipsPaidOut float
TransHeader.TotalPrice decimal(18, 4)
TransHeader.TransactionType int
TransHeader.UsePaymentPlan bit
TransHeader.UseProgressBilling bit
TransHeader.UseTaxLookup bit
TransHeader.Version int
TransHeader.VoidedDate datetime Date the transaction was marked Voided
TransHeader.WriteOffAmount decimal(18, 4)

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