The Calendar Cloud App enabled Control Activity Manager calendars to be accessed from any mobile or desktop web browser. The calendar display adapts for both desktop, tablet, and phone devices.

Desktop Week View ~ Mobile Day View

Like all CloudApps, the Calendar Cloud is run in Cyrious' CloudSpace. It utilizes the cyrious_cloud_connector in order to access your local data and make it available to the web application. To use the CalendarApp, you must first cyrious_cloud_connector#How%20to%20Enable%20The%20Cyrious%20Cloud%20Connector from within Control.

Using the CalendarApp is very simple.

  1. Enable the cyrious_cloud_connector from within Control. See Enable for instructions.
  2. Obtain your Root Path from Cyrious. (If you do not know your root path, please cloud_connector_rootpath for information on obtaining one.
  3. Open a browser to your CalendarApp page,{rootpath}.
  4. Login using your Control credentials.
  5. Select the calendar, or just start using your own calendar!

To access your Calendar CloudApp, you need to know your Root Path with Cyrious. This is the part of your URL (web address) that identifies your business. Your Root Path will be the same for all CloudApps. If you are not sure what your Root Path is, contact Cyrious Technical Support by or phone.

To open your Calendar CloudApp, open a modern web browserCloudApps support Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer versions 9 and higher. and navigate to:{Root Path} where {Root Path} is replaced with the Root Path for your business. If you forget to enter your Root Path, you'll be prompted to enter that part to continue …

The Calendar CloudApp pages consists of header controls and a calendar body.

The heading of the Calendar contains navigation and action controls. Not all controls are available on all displays and all orientations. These controls can be used as described below:

  • Previous/Next Arrorws. Select the previous or next month.
  • Calendar Drop-Down. Used to change which calendar is being viewed.
  • Filters. Use to toggle display options, such as to showing or hiding completed activities.
  • Month/Day/Week (M/D) Buttons. Used to toggle between month, day, and week view.
  • Add or + Button. Used to add a new call or appointment.
  • Refresh. Used to pull the latest data and update the screen.
  • Logout/Exit. Used to logout and forget the user on that device.

The Calendar CloudApp supports multiple views.

  • Tablets and desktop displays support Day, Week, and Month views.
  • Mobile/Phone displays support Day and Month Views.
~ Day View~ Week View~ Month View

You can select other calendars using the calendar drop down menu.
Day, Week, and Month views are available in tablet and desktop size displays.
Day and Month views are available for phone size displays.
In addition to selecting calendars, the user can choose to filter completed activities so they are hidden or shown.

Existing events can be modified by dragging them to new positions on the calendar or by changing their size to change the duration of the event. Clicking or tap an event to add notes and/or change properties such as title, time, and date, or mark the event as completed.

The Cyrious Calendar CloudApp has been optimized for ease of use on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. Some features may not be available on smaller displays.

Clint Muhlestein, 2019/11/08 11:50

Is there a way to view or select multiple calendars to show on the calendar screen at the same time?

also can i control the calendar item color?

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