Updated: 2009-09-17

Version: Control 4.4

Table Purpose, Usage, and Notes

This table is used to store all User and Store configuration options.

The information is stored using a keyfield

Information on Table Data

  • ClassTypeIDs Stores in Table:
    • 1100 - User Options
    • 1101 - Store Options

Table Structure

~ Table.FieldName ~ Data Type ~ Description ~ Links To
UserOption.ClassTypeID int Identifier for the Type of Object
UserOption.ID int Primary Key for the Table
UserOption.IsActive bit Not Used for This Table
UserOption.IsSystem bit Used to Mark Required Records
UserOption.ModifiedByComputer nvarchar(25) HostName of computer that last modified this record
UserOption.ModifiedByUser nvarchar(25) Windows User who last modified this record
UserOption.ModifiedDate datetime DateTime this Record was last modified
UserOption.OptionMemo text
UserOption.OptionName nvarchar(25)
UserOption.OptionValue nvarchar(25)
UserOption.ParentClassTypeID int ClassTypeID of the object this option belongs to.
1000 Store Options
6000 User Options
UserOption.ParentID int ID of the object this option applies to. sql_structure_-_username_table.ID for User Options,
sql_structure_-_store_table.ID for Store Options
UserOption.SeqID int

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