Every financial transaction (and almost every other thing that modifies data in Control) results in the creation of an Activity. From an accounting point of view, an activity corresponds to a discrete financial transaction, or General Ledger Journal Batch Entry. For this reason, activites are also referred to as Journal Entries.

A typical Activity to post a payment on an order might contain the following information (and some more):

  • Journal ID #9999
  • Description: Payment on Order 1234
  • Entry Date: 4/1/2008 3:15 pm
  • Amount: $2340.00
  • GL Entries:
Account Debit Credit
Checking$ 2340.00
$ 2340.00

Important information to note about every Activity:

  • It must balance (Debits + Credits $0.00)
  • It (normally) only has one date and time.
  • It can link to Transactions and Companies.
  • It supports Divisions (if enabled).
  • Most activities can be edited, but none may be deleted.

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