Frequently Asked Questions We Have Encountered with Cyrious Control.

I cannot access the Edit/Save buttons. They are grayed out.

  • Restart your Cyrious program. You have probably encountered an Access Control Violation sometime during your session and the system has become unreliable.

I get an RPC Server error when I try to send an email from Cyrious.

  • Reboot your computer. This is an Outlook problem which is solved with a reboot. Before rebooting, close Outlook and go to the Task Manager and select the Processes tab. Review the list of processes. If you see OUTLOOK.exe terminate that process. Somehow Outlook has been loaded twice. This may also correct the problem.

My Outlook will not send emails out. They are stuck in the Outbox.

  • See the solution above. Outlook double-loaded is often the cause of this problem.

My Cyrious shortcut is broken each time I reboot.

  • The shortcut uses network share to access the Cyrious application. You may be having an issue where your system is not properly refreshing the network resources (shares) immediately upon restart of your computer. If the problem persists you may want to look at having a computer technician analyze your system if it only occurs from your machine and not others in your network.

I am getting an Out of Memory error.

  • This is a Windows error message. Try closing all other programs you have open, sometimes you may have to reboot your computer. If you are encountering this often you may want to look at potentially increasing the amount of memory (RAM) installed in your computer.

I get a “Can Not Locate SSLIP” error when I know the SSLIP is running and I am connected to the Cyrious Server.

  • This seems to be a Microsoft network issue which happens in Peer To Peer networks with DHCP enabled network cards. If rebooting the client computer and the Cyrious Server does not repair the problem, Cyrious Tech Support can provide a solution by adding a pointer in the Registry to the Cyrious Server; however, the Cyrious Server must have an assigned IP and if that is changed the client will again not be able to locate the SLIP.

I can't find all my orders, estimates, customers, etc. when searching using users_manual_ch_09-explorer in Control.

  • Check that the date range has been selected to ALL. Check that Prospects and Inactive customers are not excluded from the search.

I have a Saved Query, but I can't find it.

  • Click on the Advanced Tab in the Explorer window and you will see a drop down list for Saved Queries. Alternatively click on Sales & Marketing | Advanced Query Setup.

Can I stopusers_manual_ch_09-explorer from Refreshing Until I put in my Criteria?

  • Go to Setup | User Options and click on the Explorer Options. Deselect “Autosearch in Explorer Enabled at Startup”. (You can also disable this for all users by default under Setup | System Setup | Explorer Options.)

Company name does not appear when entered in Quick Lookup but does from the Company Explorer

  • Companies marked as Inactive will not appear when entered from the Quick Lookup.

I have added UDFs but do not see them in the TransHeaderUserField Table. How do I get these to show up in my Crystal Field Explorer?

  • If there are changes to any table after you have brought it into Crystal, Crystal requires that you “update” the table to bring in the new fields.
  • This is a simple process but must be done exactly. If you are updating UDFs, be sure you have closed and restarted your local version of Control before executing the steps below. Or there may be occasions when you will actually need to restart your SLIP to be sure the StoreData tables are properly updated.
  • At the top of your Crystal menu you will see a selection for “Databases”. When you click on that, you will see a list. Select “Set Datasource Location”. Click on that and it will present a page with the title “Set Datasource Location.” On that page you will see a “Current Data Source” window and a “Replace With” window.
  • Click on the table you want to update. Usually this will be a UDF table. For this example, we will assume you are updating the TransHeaderUserField table. Next, click on the plus sign beside the DSN connection with which you will access the database. You will be required to log in as if you were bringing up Crystal for the first time. When successful, you will see a column titled “StoreData” and inset below that “dbo”. Expand the “dbo” column, expand “Tables: and select “TransHeaderUserField”. Then click “TransHeaderUserField” in the Current Data Source.
  • Finally, click “Update”. Then Close the page. Magically, all your new UDFs will be in the Field Explorer.

My report runs without error in Crystal but I get an error message when running it from Control. What could be the cause?

  • This is most probably caused by a parameter you have created in Crystal which does not conform to the CFL conventions for passing variable information. The fx_ASList_variable_variableID parameters, for example, must be stated in Crystal exactly as Cyrious expects them or you will get errors which may even require you to force quit. For example, for selecting a customer and passing one or a list of customers you must have two variables: (1) fx_ASList_Customer_Customer ID (a text parameter) and Customer_CustomerID (a number array parameter–I.e. accepts multiple selections). If you name it fx_ASList_Account_CustomerID, you will get an error message when running the report in Cyrious. See the crystal_reports_-_report_rules_fx_functions_and_system_parameters article on these variables in this WIKI for a more detailed explanation. (Parenthetically, when using the Crystal Command and embedding SQL code, Cyrious seems more forgiving of these conventions; however, we recommend you adhere strictly to the naming conventions shown in the WIKI.)
  • Also, we have found that if you try to rename an incorrect parameter bound by CFL rules, you will still get the Cyrious error. You need to delete and remove the offending parameter and all Crystal references to it and start over. You may even have to delete the report from your Cyrious report list and start again with a different report name to thoroughly cleanse all systems of the erroneous parameter.

How can I Prevent Users From Inadvertently Removing Items From Their dashboards By Clicking on the “X” Close Button?

  • Clicking on the “Lock” button on the top of your Dashboard will remove the Edit/Close options. If you then Save the Dashboard, those options will be grayed out by Default. You then open and close the lists by double-clicking on the top bar of the Instrument.

My product is not returning a price but seems filled out correctly.

  • Check that the Quantity is not set to 0.

The product is returning a much lower price than I think it should but everything seems to be entered correctly.

A how_to_make_variable_formulas is not working although the formula has no errors and works with the how_to_preview_test_cfl_coding_results.

  • Control has 2 places where you can enter a formula. One is for the range and the other is for the actual formula. Check that your formula is not in the range field which is 2 boxes below the formula field.

How do I set up Pricing Plans?

I have an object on the pricing_ch_18-pricing_forms but it doesn't show up in the Order or Estimate when I open them.

  • Check that you have attached a Modifier or Variable to the object on the Pricing Form. Some variables can have similar names and an incorrect variable was selected. Also be sure that the Modifier or Variable on the Pricng Form is included (checked) in the variable or Modifier list in the Product.

My variable is showing up on my screen but not in the Order or Estimate printouts.

  • Check that you have included the variable in both the Summary and Detail Layout sheets.

I want a variable to show decimal places but I can't enter how_to_make_decimals_show_in_number_variables_on_pricing_forms.

  • Check that the pricing form object for decimals places is correctly entered and that the Integers Only Property is set to False.

I want to make a variable on the pricing_ch_18-pricing_forms Bold or larger.

  • These setting are in the Font Properties Object on the Pricing form. Click on that and you will see a screen for everything you need.

The pricing form is not showing the discount amount.

  • Check that your Discount is Set in the Promotion Selection and not the Pricing Level. Only “Promotion” discounts show up on the pricing form and in the Estimates and Work Orders. Be sure you have the Discount column checked in the Pricing Form Column Chooser. This is accessed by right-licking when the cursor is over the Pricing Form in Estimate or Order mode. Finally, if the discount is not showing up on the printed Estimate or Invoice, be sure that if there is such an option, the Option to show discounts is checked in the Print Options dialogue box.

Why Are the Tabs Not Showing On My Page Control?

  • The Page Control requires a List Type Variable which contains a list with the Tab names as the rows in the list. The text entries in the rows must be EXACTLY the same as those entered in the Page Control Property for the Tab Name. Even a blank space will cause the Tab not to appear.

pricing_ch_06-selection_lists is not there when I open the product in an order or estimate.

  • A. ) Variable Is Assigned To Your Product.
  • Check that the cfl_ch_5-variables containing the selection list is checked in the list of your Product's variables. Be sure that the Variable Type is set to List. Then check that the default selection list has an entry and is the name of the list you want.
  • B. ) Variable Is Not Overridden With Missing Data.
  • If the variable is overridden, be sure that it has the Default List selection is set to the list you want.
  • C. ) Dependent List Setup Is Correct.
  • If the list is apricing_ch_06-selection_lists assigned by another variable, there are several items to check. This applies when you have one list pointing to another in a series of selections. The “pointer” list must have the list name of the dependent list entered in the row you are selecting to point to your next list. (If set to Default, it will use the list in the Default selection). Next, the variable with the Dependent List you want must point to the variable containing the Dependent List reference. You will see two selection options at the bottom of the variable where you have an entry “Use Dependent List From” and immediately under that “Dependent List Name.” You select the variable containing the “pointer” list in the first. In the second you want to be sure that the list name is the same as the one you are seeking. The Default name is “Dependent”. In many cases if your pointer list has more than one Depndent Lists with different names, you will get a drop down list showing these. Select the appropriate list.

The decimals are not displaying in my UDF layout. How do I correct this?

How Do I Show A UDF Layout On My Totals Page?

  • Go to System Setup and under the “Orders, Estimates, and Service Tickets choose either Order Options or Estimate Options. Edit this page and you will find a drop-down menu listing your UDF Transaction layouts. Select the one you want to appear on the Totals Page. Note that you have the option to place different layout on the Estimate Totals Page and the Order Totals Page.

How Do I Show Different Layouts For Estimates and Order?

  • You may have a a different layout for the Estimates Totals Page and the Work Order Totals Page. Go to System Setup and for the Estimate and Orders Setups, select the layout that you want.

How Can Ihow_to_set_up_and_use_udfss More Simply For Easier Access and Better “Readability”?

  • You can create Tabs for the All UDFS page as well as the UDF lists presented when selecting them in Explorer options or Edit UDFs option which permit you to group UDFs in a more conveniently readable and accessible presentation. Go to the UDF Setup page and select the category of UDFS you wish to group – for example, Transaction UDFs. You create a Tab by entering a name in the Category box. For example, for UPS or FEDEX UDFs, you could make a category called Shipping. Enter that name in the category box of all the UPS UDF's. You will then find that there is a Tab called Shipping in the All UDFs list in your Order, Estimate, etc.UDF Tab which, when selected, will present only the UDF's with that category name.

Why is my part not being pulled in to the order when it is in the same dynamic_part-based_selection_lists as other parts which are appearing and all the code seems OK?

  • Check the length of the description field. We have found instances where just shortening the description field caused parts to “come in” to the order when they would not before. We have also found instances where we had to delete the description field, save the Part, and then Rename it, making some small change like removing a space. When Saved, Cyrious will automatically fill the Description with the Part name. After this process we found that we could then have a different entry for the Description field and the part will be included in Dynamic lists

How do I enter discounts inaccounting_ch_07-purchase_orders?

  • You can enter a negative number in the Total Cost field. Cyrious does not currently have a way to enter a discount for a Line Item or the PO as a whole. However, if you calculate the discount manually “off-line” or take it from a vendor's quote and enter it preceded by a minus sign, you will see the amount with parentheses around it and the total will be calculated accurately.

What is the code which retrieves the text entered in the Invoice Notes of the Product Setup screen?

  • This information is a Product Property. Product.CustNotes will retrieve this information. Click this link for a complete list of .cfl_ch_6-property_references

Contributor: Steve Gillispie, Others Date: 8/1/2009 Version: Control 4.x

Stefanie Dacy, 2021/04/28 12:30

We added a uv printer somewhere in the set up things have gone wonky. If we add grommets to the finishing the systems puts in hours of labor lots of hours of labor . Example: 24×36 sign if we add 4 grommets the finish labor populates at 120 hours. Where do I find the formula or form to correct this?

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