Dynamic Part-Based Selection lists are used to automatically link a Part Category to a Selection List. This allows you to set up a list with parts quickly, because the list items are automatically created and linked for you. If you want to add a new part and item to your list, you only have to create the part in the correct category, and it will automatically be added for the next time that list is used.

Interface Design

In Selection List Setup

Choose the category you would like to place the list, or you can even edit an existing list. Place the Selection List in edit mode, and click on the arrow to the right of the Insert Row button. Select “Add Dynamic Part Category” and you will be prompted to choose a Part Category to link the list to. Once selected, a list item will be added with the text of Dynamic Link – . The Consumption Formula is the only remaining item to finish setting up this Selection List. You have the ability to add multiple Dynamic Part links to one list. Just make sure to specify the consumption formula for both part links. This list will link to a Variable or Modifier, just like any other list.

Note: When linking this list to a Variable or Modifier, make sure to set the option for “Limit to List”. If this option is not selected, typing in the field in order entry will only select a Part if it is set up as the default Part.

In Order/Estimate Entry

When creating a line item, clicking on the drop down of your Dynamic Part-Based Selection List will populate the list with all of the items in your Part Category. When you select an item in the list, it will automatically add the linked Part to the line item using the consumption formula specified. You will notice that the text that is displayed in the Selection List is the exact name of the Part. If you would like to modify the name that appears, you must edit the Part description in Part Setup.

Note: Make sure that if you type anything into the field for a Dynamically Linked List, it will only include the Part that is setup as the Default Part.

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