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Control is a business management software developed by Cyrious Software for the sign and graphics industry. It covers the following primary business functions: Quoting and Pricing, Estimating and Invoicing, Work-Order, Costing and Job Tracking, Contact Management, Marketing, Accounting, Procurement, and Inventory Management.

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This section is for ideas being considered that are not implemented (and may never be). However, please feel free to contribute thoughts and ideas on these subjects (and add others).

Aaron McConachie, 2019/03/28 09:10

Where can I find out more about linking Purchase Orders to Orders? I searched the Wiki for “Copy from Order” to get more details about that function of the Purchase Order and the only thing that came up was some release notes. Are there instructions for using “Copy from Order/Estimate”? How about for the Purchase Orders setting, “Prevent Estimated Costs and Estimate Usage on Orders from changing due to Purchase Orders”? A Purchase Order should not be allowed to modify an Estimate - at least not without asking a few questions first. For instance, is the entire Purchase Order for that one Order or are some of the units for Inventory?

What happens after we link a Purchase Order to an Order? What's the effect on the GL of converting a linked Purchase Order to a Receiving Document or a Bill? Where do the received units and costs get recorded? Not as Actual Usage or Actual Costs. What is to be gained by linking a Purchase Order to an Order? What's the point?

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