Each order that's entered into Control typically has a few key roles, like salesperson, CSR, designer, and artwork approver (customer). The actual person that plays each of those roles will differ from order to order, but the role itself is consistent for all orders. Another similarity between all orders is that once you're assigned to a role, you usually stay in that role until the order is completed. This is where the idea of creating Named Roles in Control stems from.

The term Named Employee Roles refers to all of the employee roles named on an order (Designer).

The term Named Customer Roles refers to all of the customer roles named on an order (Approver).

We use the term Named Roles when referring to all customer and employee roles named on an order (Designer and Approver).

The Named Role option works very similar to the Salesperson option, which you're probably familiar with. You can set your default roles for each company. Each new estimate and order then defaults to the roles set on the company record but can be overridden when necessary.

Since each of these roles are a little different from the next, it is helpful to understand their differences before setting your defaults.

Here's a list of Employee Roles and a description of each:

Here's a list of Customer Roles and a description of each:

Below is an example of where you will find Named Roles in Control:

On the company record:

On the order record:

Contributor: Cyrious Software

Date: 08/08/2016

Version: Control 05.7

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