Batch Address Validation Screen

Note: This option is only available to users with the Avalara Online Sales Tax lookup module enabled.

The Batch Address Validation is used to validate existing addresses already entered into Control (that are not already validated). It is most commonly used when you first turn on Avalara or after an import of new customers or vendors. There is no requirement to run this. If you don't validate the addresses en masse', each address will be validated upon first use at the cost of 2-3 seconds at that time.

This screen is displayed when clicking the Validate Batch Addresses button in the online_tax_options setup (under Accounting Setup).

This group of options allows the user to specify which addresses to validate.

  • Store
    • If checked, all of the store's addresses will be validated using the Avalara.
  • Employee Groups
    • If checked, the addresses on all of the employee groups will be validated using the Avalara.
  • Companies ( Customers )
    • If checked, the addresses on all of customers int he database will be validated using the Avalara.

While validating the addresses selected from the previous option, if this option is checked, all valid addresses will be replaced with the Avalara formatted version of the address. If this option is not checked, no address will be replaced, they will only be validated.

All results from the validation are displayed in this memo. The result of the validation will inform the user of whcih addresses were valid and which were not and if the 'Replace Addresses with Validated Addresses' option is checked, whether or not the addresses were updated with the Avalara formatted address.

On the right toolbar, the Validate button starts the batch validation process and updates the Results memo box while running.

On the right toolbar, the Close button closes this screen.

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