What is it?

The Calendar Cloud App (CalendarApp) makes Activity Manager calendars available from any mobile or desktop web browser. It utilizes the Cyrious Cloud Connector to connect to your data directly to permit you to create, modify, update, and delete your activities.

How do I use it?

Using the CalendarApp is very simple.

  1. Enable the Cyrious Cloud Connector from within Control. See Cyrious Cloud Connector - HomeGate for instructions.
  2. Obtain your Root Path from Cyrious. (If you do not know your root path, contact Cyrious technical support or email support@cyrious.com for this information.)
  3. Open a browser to your CalendarApp page, https://calendar.cyrious.com/{rootpath}.
  4. Login using your Control credentials.
  5. Select the calendar, or just start using your own calendar!

To log in, open any modern browser and navigate to your CalendarApp path. The calendar app can be reached is at https://calendar.cyrious.com/{rootpath} , where the root path is the unique name that identifies your business among all the Cyrious customers.If you do not know your root path, contact Cyrious technical support.

Assuming you have entered a valid rootpath, the CalendarApp will try to verify it can connect to your local data via the HomeGate. If the connection is successful, the login screen is displayed.

The HomeGate service must be enabled and running on the SSLIP computer for any Cyrious Cloud App to work, as must CHAPI, SQL Server, and the SSLIP. If the connection to that customer's data is down, the following screen is displayed.

To login, use your normal Control login and password.For domain authentication, enter your Windows user name as domain\username and use your Windows password.

Main Page

This page explains the Cyrious Calendar App's features.

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