Control can already send emails out via manual operation or automation. A logical next-step application of this functionality is to use it to send SMS text messages to mobile phones. Sending text via email is free to the sender and easy to implement. It could also be an attractive selling point when partnered with the flexibility of our Macro system.

Some possible uses / selling points:

  • Owners could receive a text at closeout that lists the day's sales numbers and/or confirms that a backup has been run.
  • Activity Manager Reminders could be delivered to the user's cell phone.
  • Purchasing personnel or production managers can be notified of low stock in various parts, whether in the office or not.
  • Email macros can extend the customization options of this functionality without the end user needing to learn anything other than email macro configuration inside Control.

The technology involved:

To send a text message to a cell phone, you just need the phone number and the carrier. Every cell phone has an email address in the format phonenumber@carriersuffix.extension. For example, the number 222-555-8888 on AT&T's mobile network can be texted for free by sending an email to The message must be simple text, and the usual 140 character limit for text messages applies to the message. All the end user has to do is enter an email address and a message.

A list of popular mobile carrier extensions can be found here, and are also easily found through Google:

Applications of this technology that may require changes to Control:

  • If Activity Manager Reminders could be triggers for macros, Reminders could be texted to the parties involved in a meeting or call X-amount-of-time before the event.
  • If specific jobs could be tagged in some way to trigger a macro when they reach a certain station, status, etc…text alerts could go out to notify users of the status change.
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