Important Notes:
Unsupported Client and Server PC Configurations:
Virtual Machines of any type: (VMWare, Virtual Box, Terminal Servers, Terminal Services, Parallels [Windows based VM for Macs], and Hyper-V's)
Exchange Servers: Control should not be installed on Exchange Servers as they are SQL based and resource intensive. This configuration is known to cause performance issues with Control.
These are not supported configurations due to known issues with performance, speed, functionality hinderance, SQL express conflicts, etc and is Strongly Discouraged!
Please note: Any configuration of VM servers is not something that Cyrious technicians are trained or permitted to do. Your Network Administrator and/or IT personnel will need to perform these types of setups prior to Control installations.
Also note:
Max # of Users: is a meant as a guideline, under certain situations, the specifications listed may support additional users. If you have questions regarding your specific configuration and whether upgrades/changes are needed, please consult with your sales consultant for clarification.
Unsupported Operating Systems for Clients:
Windows (All editions): 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000.
Windows (Home and Media editions): XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.
Mac and Linux: All editions.
Unsupported Operating Systems for Servers:
Windows 2003 Server and XP (All editions). These may only be used on Cyrious Control clients.
Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 is designed to be a stand-alone server. It is not designed for application usage, and is not appropriate for Cyrious Control or supported by Cyrious technical support.
These server configurations do not incorporate using the servers in Terminal Server mode. Additional requirements would apply.
Networking / Wireless:
Wireless networking of any type or speed is not supported and is Strongly Discouraged. Control maintains a persistent connection between itself and SQL Server. Due to the constantly varying environment, wireless networking is inherently less stable than a wired connection. When the network fades or drops, even temporarily, Control will be disconnected and any work in progress will be lost. Cyrious technicians are not able to troubleshoot connectivity or stability issues over a wireless network.
Utilizing Control through an offsite VPN connection is not supported.
Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, 8, 10 only support a maximum of (10, 20) network connections from other computers respectively. A server OS is required to support larger networks with more than 9-20 computers (even if they aren't all using Cyrious).
Cyrious recommends networking hardware rated at 1 GBps or higher. Networks should be tested to ensure they are capable of achieving a throughput of at least 6500 KBps drive read/write speeds from each client to the server. The recommended speeds for network throughput are between 15000KBps and 25000KBps when utilizing a 1000mbit network connection.
SQL Database: Control relies on Microsoft SQL Server as its database engine. Customers with limited users can start with SQL Server Express, the free version. SQL Server Standard Edition is required for 10 or more average users, or 7 or more heavy users, or when you database size exceeds 10 GB. If required, SQL Server licenses must be purchased separately from a Microsoft distributor. Due to severe SQL licensing/performance limitations, Cyrious strongly recommends against running SQL Server on a virtual machine.
Video: Cyrious Control is not optimized for resolutions below 1024 x 768.

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