This is an issue with Windows.

In the following example a Windows XP machine hosts Cyrious and both a Windows 7 and Windows XP client cannot access Control via a WorkGroup Network:

Here is what the user saw when attempting to launch Control

When not a member of a domain, the users '\\ComputerName\Username' will populate and 'connecting to' will state the name of the host machine.

This will not work!

You can properly fill this information in with the default settings to log on to the users station, but the host machine will not authenicate this user. (Primarily becaue the Host has no idea who this is and will not allow strangers in.)

To gain access to the host machine:

1) On the Host:

  • Create a generic user (i.e. Control)
  • Create a password (i.e. Control)

2) On the Client:

  • Populate the fields using the following information
    • Domain: Host Computer Name (writen as \\ComputerName)
    • User: Control
    • Password: Control

The formatting may vary but the basic components are listed above for you to format a necessay

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