This page details how to create the JDF user in your database that is then used by Cyrious' JDF monitor program.


The JDF user in SQL Server is used by the JDF Monitor program to access the Control database for information necessary to build the JDF job ticket. This requires read-only access to the following tables:

  • TransHeader (orders)
  • TransDetail (line items)
  • Account (company)
  • AccountContact (contacts)

The JDF Monitor also access the queue to orders that need a job ticket created. This requires read-write access to the following table:

  • JDFTask

In order to minimize your security exposure, no additional access should be given to the JDF user.


To create the JDF user, open the SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your database. Then execute the following query, checking first that the database name and password supplied are correct for your scenario.

-- first create the SQL user in SQL Server master table
CREATE login JDFMonitor
    WITH password = 'JDFRules',
    default_database = CyriousTest,
    default_language = English,
    check_policy = OFF
-- now switch to the database
USE StoreData
-- and create a user for this database linked to the one just created
Creating a Database Role

For security purposes, you should create a database role that provides only SELECT access to the read-only tables, and SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE access to the READ-WRITE tables. How this is done varies with each version of SQL Server, but from the console it is usually under the Security setting under the database.

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