Two instruments were designed specifically to make exporting of data flexible and easy for the user, the Export Field Chooser Instrument and the Export Template Instrument.

This instrument allows the user to :

  • select the desired fields for exporting
  • specify and arrange the order for those fields
  • specify the format for the exported data (see appendix for types)
  • specify the sort field
  • limit the output to a fixed number of rows
  • output the data to file or email
  • save the configuration for future use

Use this instrument to quickly execute an export using the selected template.

Double-click on the export template or select the template name and click Export.

Use this instrument to quickly execute the selected macro. This instrument should show shared (public) macros and the logged in users non-shared (private) macros. Macros are created by going to Sales & Marketing in the main menu, then choosing Macro Setup.

Double-click on the macro or select the macro and click Execute.

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