Most people would agree that it is easier to see a car in motion and understand how it works than it is to have the engine described to you. The purpose of this section is to provide some sample dashboard screens that illustrate how you can create tailored solutions for specific problems and goals. Review these sample screens prior to the detail for each instrument to help provide a reference for you to picture as you read the details in the following sections.

The basic dashboard illustrates many of the frequently used areas of the marketing. This will be familiar to anyone using the marketing features in earlier versions of Control.

  • Search Result Type Instrument (Company is default)
  • Saved Searched Instruments
  • Search Categories Instrument
  • Search Criteria Instrument
  • Search Tree Instrument
  • Search Results Instrument
  • Send Email Instrument
  • Create Contact Activity Instrument
  • Change UDF Instrument
  • Change Status Instrument
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