The PSBuilder component (SPSearch) automatically creates a series of user input fields. These search fields are then used to build the search criteria for a Part Search Grid based on user input.

To use a PSBuilder component, search properties are specified in the PSV associated with the component. The PSBuilder component then builds a series of input fields with labels for the user to enter search criteria. The type of input field (text input, numeric input, drop-down, etc.) will be based on the type of the search field.

A blank value in the Part Search Builder will be ignored when filtering the Part Search Grid. A user can remove a filter by clicking the trashcan icon.

  • Layout: Where the search button should be aligned. Valid values are psblBottom, pasblNone, and pasblTop.
    • Setting this to pasblNone will hide the Search button and the Title.
  • Variable Name: The name of the Smart Part Search Variable to assign to this component
  • Title: The caption next to the Search button. Defaults to 'Enter Search Criteria'
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