The process to add a new address in Control was a bit clumsy, so it was reworked to be more efficient. This new feature is available in Control 4.5.1105.2002 and later.

Previously, the process to add an address for a Contact through an Order or Estimate was a bit lengthy. We wanted to reduce the mouse clicks needed to perform this simple action and consolidate screens where possible.

1. Open an Order or Estimate in Control.

2. Click Edit and go to the Company tab.

3. On either the Invoice Address or the Shipping Address, click the drop-down to select the new option, New Address.

4. Fill in the New Address Name and other information, and you're done! A new address has been added for that contact.

Contributor: Tisha White, Cyrious Software

Date: 05/20/2011

Version: Control 4.5

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