How to Insert a Retroactive Closeout


The day, month, year, or GL export was not closed by accident. This WIKI describes the process of inserting a retroactive closeout in the database.


Cyrious Control uses closeouts to track when the daily, monthly, or annual reports were created, or when the GL export file was created. This is simply a date and time entry in the Closeout table. To retroactively closeout, a new record must be manually inserted into this table.

1. In the main menu, click on Tools, then Utilities, and then Retroactively Closeout. ** If you do not see the Retroactively Closeout option, please contact your Manager.

2. Select either Daily, Monthly or Yearly as the Closeout Type.

3. Select the end Date of the Closeout period you're retroactively closing.

4. Set the time that that the Closeout period ends.

5. Click the Insert Close Out button.

6. Click OK to close the window.

Contributor: Brian Basoco

Date: 07/03/2015

Version: Control 5.6

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