Variables imported using Control's import dictionary

When importing an order from eComm into Control. A set of Control variables will be imported with values. If a variable in Control exists with the same name, the value from the import dictionary will be imported into that variable. If the variable exists in Control, but with a different name, an import mapping will need to be set up in Control for that product.

Fixed import variables

There are a few variables with fixed names that are included when applicable.

~ Variable Name~ Description
QuantityThe quantity of items.
For the shipping item, it will always be 1.
DescriptionThe item's description.
For the shipping item, the description will include the shipping method and the ship to address.
ProofImageLinkIf there is artwork for the item in eComm, the ProofImageLink contains the URL of proof image.
LowResImageLinkIf there is artwork for the item in eComm, the LowResImageLink contains the URL of low resolution image.
ThumbnailImageLinkIf there is artwork for the item in eComm, the ThumbnailImageLink contains the URL of thumbnail image.
ShippingMethodFor the shipping item, ShippingMethod is the name of the shipping method.

Other import variables

All of the add-ons from the eComm order are included in the import dictionary. The variable name will be the name of the add-on in eComm with any non-alphanumeric characters removed.

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