In this step, you will be given the tools to map your Ecommerce Add-On, variable data, to your Control Products through variables or modifiers. If a variable in Control exists with the same name as the Ecommerce Add-On, the value from the import dictionary will be imported into that variable. If the variable exists in Control, but with a different name as the Ecommerce Add-On, an import mapping will need to be set up in Control for that product.

NOTE: The Control Import Map is only available on a Base Product if using Derived Products. You can only map to a Control variable once so preplanning your mapping is key. You are also encouraged to map to similar data types, such as checkboxes to checkboxes OR text boxes to text boxes.

Fixed Import Variables

There are a few system-generated Ecommerce variables that are included when applicable.

Variable NameDescription
QuantityThe quantity of items.
For the shipping item, it will always be 1.
DescriptionThe item's description.
For the shipping item, the description will include the shipping method and the ship to address.
ProofImageLinkIf there is artwork for the item in Ecommerce, the ProofImageLink contains the URL of proof image.
LowResImageLinkIf there is artwork for the item in Ecommerce, the LowResImageLink contains the URL of low resolution image.
ThumbnailImageLinkIf there is artwork for the item in Ecommerce, the ThumbnailImageLink contains the URL of thumbnail image.
ShippingMethodFor the shipping item, ShippingMethod is the name of the shipping method.

Other Import Variables

Every Add-On from the Ecommerce order are included in Control’s Import Dictionary. To map to your Control data, you will use the name of the Add-On in Ecommerce with any non-alphanumeric characters and spaces removed.

Let's Get Started.

  1. Navigate to Pricing Setup:
    1. In Control, click Setup.
    2. Click Pricing Setup.
    3. Click All Pricing Setup.
  2. Navigate to Product Setup:
    1. Click Product Setup.
    2. Select a product to open it, such as Digital Prints.
    3. Click Import Map.
      NOTE: Import Map usually is not on by default unless you use the functionality with another feature, such as SQL Bridge. To turn it on, click Advanced > View as tab (next to Import Map.)
    4. Click Edit.
  3. Setup Variable Mapping:
    1. Choose a Control variable or modifier for mapping your Ecommerce Add-On, such as Variable: Material.
    2. Click Add.
    3. A second dropdown will appear. Enter the name of the Ecommerce Add-On, such as BannerMaterial.
    4. Continue until all mapping is complete.
    5. Click Save.

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