Overview of the Admin Panel

In this article, you will learn the navigation menu for the Admin Panel. The admin panel hosts the backend settings for your Ecommerce websites. You will use the navigation bar on the left to access the different areas of the Admin Panel.

  1. My Stores – Create and manage your Ecommerce Stores.
  2. Merchandise
    1. Catalogs – Create Catalogs to be displayed on your Stores. Use Associated Collections to organize Collections across your Stores.
    2. Collections – Create and manage Collections. Use Associated Products to organize Products across your Stores.
    3. Products – Build the merchandised items to be sold on your Stores.
    4. Add-Ons – Create and manage Add-Ons for Products. Use Add-Ons to collect additional data from customers about certain Products, such as size, color, etc.
  3. Orders – View order receipts. Download customizable artwork.
  4. Customers – View company and contact information. Initiate password resets for contacts and set their Store access.
  5. Reports – View basic contact, order, and product reports.
  6. Settings
    1. Email Templates - Preview and edit email templates for customer communications.
    2. Product Defaults - Set default Control products for Integration.
    3. Legacy Online Designer – Add custom colors and fonts. User Color Groups and Font Groups to organize color and fonts to make them available for the online designer.
    4. Shipping - Set the shipping options for your Stores.
  7. Help Menu - Represented as a question mark in the top-right hand corner of the Admin Panel. This option gives you links to the customer website for training materials and support request forms.
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