In this step, you will be given the tools to set your production information, such as printer or material, for a Control product as it relates to an Ecommerce product. This will only set variable data for a parent line.

Available Merge Fields from Ecommerce Products

There are a few system-generated Ecommerce variables that are available when applicable.

Merge FieldDescription
{{productname}}The Ecommerce product’s Product Name.
{{quantity}}The quantity of items in your Ecommerce order.
For the shipping item, it will always be 1.
{{description}}The Ecommerce product’s short description.
For the shipping item, the description will include the shipping method and the ship to address.
{{sku}}The Ecommerce product’s SKU or Part #.
{{width}}The Ecommerce product’s width.
{{height}}The Ecommerce product’s height.
{{length}}The Ecommerce product’s length.

To identify the name of your Control variable, please see your Control version’s relevant Identity Variable Name wiki.

Let's Get Started.

  1. Navigate to Product Setup:
    1. In the Admin Panel, click Products.
    2. Select a product to open it.
  2. Navigate to Control Integration on the Product Details Tab:
    1. Click Product to set the mapping to the correct Control Product.
    2. Click Variables to Set.
      NOTE: The data should be formatted as Control Variable Name equals Value. Different variables are separated by a line break (SHIFT + ENTER) inside this field.

Variable Mapping Example using v2 Dataset Variables and mapping to the Wide Format Prints product:

LargeFormatPrinters=HP Latex
RollStock_Material=Banner-UltraFlex 10oz Gloss 54"

Variable Mapping Example using v3 Dataset Variables and mapping to the Digital Prints product:

ItemName=Custom Flat Stock Print
Material=Coroplast 4 mill 48 96

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