This article is about the issue where your emails are not being sent out and you receive an error in the log. You may receive this error if you are attempting to use a separate SSLIP to run your macros.

  1. You have the wrong credentials in your email setup. Check your email address and port for the email info in both User Options and System Setup.
  2. You have the wrong email address in the To field of your email macro.
  3. Make sure that you have all of the necessary email files in the same directory as your SSLIP. The files needed are listed below:
    • libeay32.dll,
    • ssleay32.dll,
    • MSVCR100.dll

If you see this error or “Error checking email. Connection closed gracefully” in the SSLIP error logs check the email setting in system setup. Make sure that the POP3 settings are not set to check email before sending. Having this checked may cause SSLIP lock ups.

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